Interlude- More Warpath Nonsense

Because it's free and I have the time, I had another go at Warpath with 'Scape, with me trying out the new Corporation army against Forgefathers (read: Imperial Guard versus Space Marines). Again we played 750 points, again I won, easily.

One thing to know about the Corporation is that they're cheap, just like Imperial Guard. This gave me more room to spend ludricrous sums of points on big guns, allowing me much more firepower than he could hope to muster at that level. I'm still trying to get how Mantic expect us to learn the game and get a fair win/loss ratio at anything less than 2000 points. There seems to be a clear hierarchy with the three current armies at smaller levels, with Not-Orks at the bottom and The Imperium But More Obviously Evil at the top.

Furthermore, the weird line of sight led to some odd scenarios, like when his squad leader could see me through a window and so his whole unit could shoot at me, but at the angle I was positioned at I couldn't shoot back. And don't get me started on how broken aircraft are at low points levels, especially considering the abysmal accuracy of this whole universe.

Yeah I know, if I don't like it I should get back to improving my Necrons. But I feel like I have to do some horizon broadening sometimes. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be it. Unless I do some serious personal modification to actually support small games, like 10-point and less AT weapons and such.

Oh, great. I've just realised that the solution to my problems is the Warpath equivalent to the melta gun. Kill me now.