A Bryssmas Message in Haiku

Yes, that is my head
My mates thought it was funny
'Twas uncomfortable

Bad puns out the way,
I wish you 'Merry Christmas'
Feliz Navidad

Back in 2012
With more Latin and suchlike
To educate you

So, in the meantime
Stuff your faces, et cetera
I'll see you all soon.

And yes, that is the closest you will ever get to seeing what I actually look like. Things to do in 2012 include:
  • Build and paint a Razorwing
  • Paint the Ark
  • Paint Trazyn
  • Paint Fridgey
  • Paint the Cronos
  • Build Immmortals and Deathmarks
  • Get four more As
  • Start uni
So I'll be back in the New Year to do all that stuff.