An Actual Magnet Ark Update!

Yes! I've been hammering away at it when I can, and now it's in a ready-to-prime state! Just in time for Christmas, which will no doubt yield more things to spray! <sarcasm>Joy of joys!</sarcasm>

I'm actually surprised at how well it all holds together. Initially I was thinking of using a second flying stem to give more balance, but it seems to work. The stem on the left is Fridgey's, ignore it.

Slightly better lit this, but acquiring a blogging camera that isn't my iPhone is a high priority, I assure you.

For my next project, I plan to buy a box of Warriors and a box of Immortals, then build five Deathmarks, ten Immortals and two Warriors. Not only will this give me access to a 10-man unit with gauss blasters (I already own five old metals), it will give me an actual round number of Warriors, and not the 38 I currently have at my disposal.