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A Bryssmas Message in Haiku

Yes, that is my head My mates thought it was funny 'Twas uncomfortable
Bad puns out the way, I wish you 'Merry Christmas' Feliz Navidad
Back in 2012 With more Latin and suchlike To educate you
So, in the meantime Stuff your faces, et cetera I'll see you all soon.
And yes, that is the closest you will ever get to seeing what I actually look like. Things to do in 2012 include: Build and paint a RazorwingPaint the ArkPaint TrazynPaint FridgeyPaint the CronosBuild Immmortals and DeathmarksGet four more AsStart uniSo I'll be back in the New Year to do all that stuff.

Themed Army: Retrocrons @1500

I don't very often design a list that I will never play, or am extremely unlikely to, but I thought I'd give this a stab in the wake of NINO. This is a themed list that tries to recreate the old style Necron army, with what I considered to be the ' key characteristics' of the fluff and playstyle of the old book, but in a modern setting. It's probably not competitive, but I don't care, it's retro.

Master Bryss' Retrocrons- 1500

"Necron Lord:" Overlord with Phaeron, Res Orb- 140

"Warriors:" 10 Immortals with Gauss Blasters- 170
"Warriors:" 10 Immortals with Gauss Blasters- 170
"Warriors:" 10 Immortals with Gauss Blasters- 170
"Warriors:" 10 Immortals with Gauss Blasters- 170

Fast Attack
"Destroyers:" 4 Tomb Blades with shield vanes and particle beamers- 120
3 Heavy Destroyers- 180
3 Heavy Destroyers- 180

Heavy Support
Monolith- 200

For less faithful but maybe slightly better Destroyers, use Shad…

Read And Respond: NINO Part 3

One more of these, and maybe in the new year I will actually get back to my regular series, once I figure out what I'm going to schedule-wise post-merger. I also need a new coalition banner, which will be done once I finish playing around and decide what I want to do.
Anyway, the last NINO covers vehicles, characters and overall sum-ups.
Triarch Stalker: The author likes this. I agree, the whole thing looks like a combination of a Martian tripod and a camera tripod and gives a fair bit of shooting punch. Because of its cost, it doesn't scream 'auto-include' either, which is great.
Monolith: Prior to this we get another whine about how we've lost all the craziness of 3rd Edition rules. Please get over this. Anyway, the Monolith is universally agreed to be nerfed, with good reason. However, it still has two things going for it. One, the unit-shunt is an excellent crutch for those of us without the fifty squillion pounds needed for transports. Two, it's the cheapest …

Interlude- More Warpath Nonsense

Because it's free and I have the time, I had another go at Warpath with 'Scape, with me trying out the new Corporation army against Forgefathers (read: Imperial Guard versus Space Marines). Again we played 750 points, again I won, easily.
One thing to know about the Corporation is that they're cheap, just like Imperial Guard. This gave me more room to spend ludricrous sums of points on big guns, allowing me much more firepower than he could hope to muster at that level. I'm still trying to get how Mantic expect us to learn the game and get a fair win/loss ratio at anything less than 2000 points. There seems to be a clear hierarchy with the three current armies at smaller levels, with Not-Orks at the bottom and The Imperium But More Obviously Evil at the top.
 Furthermore, the weird line of sight led to some odd scenarios, like when his squad leader could see me through a window and so his whole unit could shoot at me, but at the angle I was positioned at I couldn't s…


You might have seen that the post count has gone up. A lot. The Rules Manufactorum/Bryssling merger is complete, giving me an even longer official blog name and more scope to write stuff with. All of the imported posts claim to have written by me, but Atrotos, Sabreau and Max have a hand in a lot of them, so don't believe what you see. The blog banner will be changed and the RulesMan articles page updated with the new Bryssling links shortly.

This is the future of the blog. Welcome to my truly all-round hobby place.

RM:The Eulogy

We are gathered here today to pay respects to a short, but bright, project. Launched with a single forum post and a name that didn't exactly roll off the tongue until I realised it could be shortened to RulesMan, Rules Manufactorum's early days were those of two authors (one of whom communicated through the other until eventually gaining the ability to post himself) putting out unit and character entries. And I'd like to think we were semi-decent at, gathering a slew of entries and a design competition.

However, even by this point the differences between the two of us were clear. As is so often the case, one author dealt with the events of adult life, getting married and getting a new business off the ground, while the other, still going through the much lighter pain of the Scottish education system, had more time to write. But that didn't really matter, as we still had decent, quality output. The student author learned to write proper articles as well as unit entries,…

An Actual Magnet Ark Update!

Yes! I've been hammering away at it when I can, and now it's in a ready-to-prime state! Just in time for Christmas, which will no doubt yield more things to spray! <sarcasm>Joy of joys!</sarcasm>

I'm actually surprised at how well it all holds together. Initially I was thinking of using a second flying stem to give more balance, but it seems to work. The stem on the left is Fridgey's, ignore it.

Slightly better lit this, but acquiring a blogging camera that isn't my iPhone is a high priority, I assure you.

For my next project, I plan to buy a box of Warriors and a box of Immortals, then build five Deathmarks, ten Immortals and two Warriors. Not only will this give me access to a 10-man unit with gauss blasters (I already own five old metals), it will give me an actual round number of Warriors, and not the 38 I currently have at my disposal.


On Friday 9th December, I received another communique from Our Glorious Founder. The strains of real life and running a business are too much for him, and so he feels he's ready to call it a day for good. Again.

I'm utterly convinced he means it, and so that leaves me in the same position I was a few months ago. My options are the same as last time, keep the blog or merge it with Bryssling. It's becoming increasingly likely that I'm going to do the latter, with the aim of having one blog that updates more regularly than two seperate ones.

As you can probably tell by the abruptness, I'm no good at this sort of thing. I do intend to write a proper eulogy within the next week, hopefully before I sit my practical driving test on Friday.

I'm not going to go into all the 'It's been so amazing to...' stuff until the eulogy. See you then, I suppose.

Read and Respond: NINO Part 2

We now come to the unit reviews, which is good because I'm sick of the whole 'attack the fluff' tangent. But before that, we need to talk about special rules.

The article goes first to Reanimation, and mentions how much worse it is than FNP at negating massed fire. I'm of the opinion that FNP is a better representation of resilience than it is reanimation, and besides, Nurgle and BA already cover that niche. What annoys me about RP is more along the line of this. In the olden days, you got WBB of 4+ to anyone equal to or weaker than the Plasma Gun. For the reduction to 5+ we can now get back from Battle Cannons, Krak Missiles, etc. Which is great and all, but I would be happy with just relying on cover. We also now get up from power weapons, which would be great if we weren't all dead by thd point of resurrection. Overall, I agree.

Ever-Living needs clarification. I'd like it to be some kind of backup system for when the character is on his own, but that's …

Top Bryss Rules Rant- Spawn Fhtagn!

Tonight, Felix fails at Paint, Atrotos flies over a pond, and I eat an advent calendar...
'Tis the season to be jolly! With Chaos Legions rumours flying around like atoms on speed, I decided that I would invade Atrotos' Rules Rant series this week with a perennial classic. The little black dress of rants, if you will. Spawn.
Let's start with the basics. With a top speed of 24ipt, and the Beast category, this should fall into the category of a muscle car. GW clearly think this too, as they have given it the normal muscle car treatment, but up to eleven. "Your muscle car corners like a jelly! Pah! Ours is completely out of control!" shouted Gavvio Thorpatore, its deranged creator, as he added to the Spawn a complete lack of handling. No, really. You can't steer this thing any more than you can steer a large rhino. It just blindly charges.
This would be fine if the bodywork was up to scratch, but Gavvio thought of that too. Sure, it's held up by T5 suspension a…

Read and Respond: Necrons in Name Only (1)

Normally, I look forward to a new article from The Jungle. So, naturally, I'd be looking forward to the Necron review, as it would catch things I might have missed, or reinforce my own thoughts. However, this time there is a problem. The author has somehow decided it is a bad book. And I don't get this.

Now, the accepted internet practise here is to 'snowmobile,' which, although it's certainly the right season, isn't an option for me. Therefore I'll just quote bits that particularly annoy me and respond without reaching my limit and vomiting profanity onto this oh-so-pure blog. Here we go:

1) Necron Characteristics; These are given as follows:

Extraordinary resiliency."Your basic Necron Warrior had T4, a 3+ Save, and the “We’ll Be Back” rule. " That's not a characteristic, that's a Marine with an Austrian accent. The correct description of this characteristic is "Necromancy." And they've still got that, even if it's a bit…