News Updates: The Ark Is Go!

Right, I've hit a slight snag. For reasons incomprehensible to mortal man (including me), I can't get the Codex until Thursday. On the other hand, I have received the other things I ordered. Yay!

I bought the Finecast Trazyn The Infinite to serve as my new proper HQ (as Destroyer Lords with Staves of Light are no longer all that), and as I was with the Death Jester I'm satisfied with model quality (bearing in mind this is only my second Finecast purchase). Maybe they send all the bad ones to America just to annoy them. The other thing I like about him is that he doesn't have a slotta base. You just stick him on. This eliminates the problem amateur gamers have of Floating HQ Syndrome, and minimised the risk that the model just won't stick to the base.

I wondered whether the new Ark was a worthy candidate for my new-found magnet powers, and I'm happy to report that it is. There's easily enough room in the gap in the slots that connect the ribs to the crescent for magnets and I can even magnetise the Warriors with it to the ribs by means of drilling (saves messing around with the stupid 'glue them in the gaps' approach you're supposed to take with normal building. A certain motoring show will be doing a model review in the near future...

There's a 1000 point Doubles tourney on in the local GW this weekend, so I'll do that and take notes for you lot. Unfortunately, because 'Scape has this weird thing called a 'Saturday Job' I can't go in with my first choice of partner, but a Chaos-playing friend has agreed to pitch in. Hopefully Dark Eldar and Chaos will be able to ally up. Planned list is:

Barebones Haemonculus
2x 3 Trueborn with two Cannons in a Raider with Night Shields
7 Kabalites with a Blaster in a Raider with Some Field
5 Kabalites who will sit about and do nothing. Times like this I wish I had some Wracks.

Oh, and the inaugural Necron Bat-Rep with 'Scape is the day after that. In order to save arguments about which of us gets to use our beloved first army, both of us will use Necrons. Let's hope my old Pariahs (now Crypteks) will be of some actual use now...