New Necrons: Some Divinations

With the new Necrons out in force, little things present in the Codex seem to tell us shiny new things. Admittedly they don't seem to be too significant but with the more far-out rumours pointing to 6th being on the semidistant horizon I thought I'd get to them, plus any new innovations, before my Top Bryss.

1. Unit (Character): This seems like a clarification to cement what is defenitely a Character and what isn't. Note that the C'tan is one of these now. This could mean in the future we'll get a monster that can join units. Sounds like something the Tyranids could get a bit of a boost from, as well as actual Invulnerable Saves.

2. Entropic Strike: Ward prototyped the ability to remove stats entirely in the form of the Vindicare's Shield-Breaker, and now it's being rolled out in force. It adds a new dimension to methods of tank-busting, instead of just 'fire a meltagun and hope for the best.' I like this.

3. Heavy: I'm guessing this is going to be a permanent addition to the vehicle type roster in future, considering that unlike Lumbering Behemoth it isn't a special rule. Possible future candidates... the Russ and Land Raider.

4. Non-Apocalypse Void Shieldy Things: It's like having an onion vehicle, which is neat. It's something I was considering for a Disciple of Sky vehicle, minus the jettisoning of parts I plan to implement.

5. Non-Apocalypse Super Gatler Things: The Tesla Destructor and its bounce ability. Except that it doesn't run out of tesla.

6. TCG-like abilities: Trazyn the Infinite's psionic shockwave comes across like this. More of this please, it's fun.

Overall I'm quite pleased about how innovative some of this stuff is. It proves Ward is actually able to write non-Marine books. I mean, I do have some gripes, but a certain motoring show will deal with them...

I am away doing a Doubles Tournament this weekend so you get this a day early. Anything I've missed can be rammed in the comments box. I promise the Top Bryss will be longer.


The Antipope said…
The entry (Character) does't necessarily mean that it has an IC status. Unless it has "Independent Character" under it's Special Rules. 

But yeah, many new toys to play around, couldn't be more excited!
Master_Bryss said…
I'm confused then as to what the point of labelling it a Character is. It's not unique, that's for sure. Mysteries abound...
The Antipope said…
Mmmmm, something for 6th edition maybe? No idea to be honest.