Mirror Match! 2000 Necrons V Necrons

I think I love remixing Wobbly Model characters too much.
I should clarify, that's nothing like how it played out. Our lists are quite different. Sort of. Mine was:

Master Bryss' Necrons: 2000-ish Points
Trazyn The Infinite
Royal Court: 1 Necron Lord with resurrection orb, 4 Cryptek Harbingers of Destruction, 1 Solar Pulse
C'tan Shard- Writhing Worldscape, Grand Illusion
9 Flayed Ones
10 Warriors (Cryptek added)
10 Warriors (Cryptek added)
10 Warriors (Cryptek added)
8 Warriors (Cryptek added)
5 Immortals (gauss blasters, Lord added)
3 Destroyers
3 Heavy Destroyers
Canoptek Spyder

This is me trying out some new stuff (Pariah-to-Crypteks), some stuff I haven't used in a while (C'tan, Spyder) and some old favourites (Immortals, Heavy Ds, Monolith).

Cyberscape7's Completely Different Necron List: 2000 Points
Overlord with warscythe, resurrection orb, sempiternal weave and phase shifter
Royal Court: Lord with warscythe and resurrection orb
5 Lychguard with hyperphase sword and dispersion shield
7 Flayed Ones
C'tan with Writhing Worldscape and Pyreshards
15 Warriors (Lord added)
12 Warriors
12 Warriors
3 Canoptek Wraiths with whip coils
10 Canoptek Scarabs
3 Destroyers
Canoptek Spyder with particle beamer
His Big New Thing is Lychguard and attached Overlord, running a more combatty game than I was.

We rolled Annihilation in Pitched Battle format (good omen, this was the scenario from the day befire I crushed the Necrons in), with 'Scape going first and ruining the Grand Illusion. Being as I am an idiot, I forgot to take pictures. Sorry!

'Scape's Reserves: 12 Warriors, Flayed Ones, Monolith
My Reserves: 10 Warriors, 10 Warriors, Heavy Destroyers

I did not wish to Sieze the Initiative. Why would I when pretty much all our guns are 24" anyway?

Oh, and one more thing. The Vassal images aren't 100% accurate with regards to measurement, actual terrain size and all that. Just use it as a sort of visual guide to accompany the more accurate text and you'll be fine. The pictures also cram all three phases into one shot, but that shouldn't be a problem if you're paying attention. Lastly, I'm putting them in at full size. I know this isn't really compatible with the blog format, but it does make the pictures much bigger. Enjoy.

Set Up

Fairly straight forward. The Flayed Ones are there as a counter-weapon against the Scarabs. Ignore the Ms, they mean nothing. Oh, and his Pariah models are Lychguard. Mine are Crypteks.

Turn 1.0

'Scape opens with the classic Necron move, the Advance Everything.

In shooting the Scarabs run 1", the C'tan 4", the Wraiths 1", the Warriors 3" each and the Lychguard 3". The Destroyers down one Immortal, and the Spyder does nothing. I pass my RP roll.

Turn 1.5

I use the Dimensional Corridor to acquire a Warrior blockade from the left hand side and then move forward with some units and backwards with some others.

I fire the Particle Whip at the Scarabs but scatter badly and kill 1 swarm only. The Immortals don't do much better, causing 2 Wounds. The Cryptek fires his Lance at the Swarms, and misses. Over on the right the Trazyn's unit try to target some Warriors, and down 3, none of which revive. The Spyder and C'tan run, and any other shooting I try is ineffectual.

Turn 2.0

Reserves-wise, 'Scape gets his last unit of Warriors. I activate the Solar Pulse.

Of course, he then runs with most units, except one unit of Warriors which knock a wound off my C'tan, and the Destroyers, who take a punt at the 'Lith and fail.

Combat wise, the Scarabs multi-charge the Monolith and Warriors, which results in me losing 1 Warrior overall (lost 4 but 3 got up), him taking 2 more Wounds, and my Monolith reduced to AV13 for the rest of the game. The Wraiths knock 2 Wounds off my Spyder, for nothing in return.

Turn 2.5

I get a squad of Warriors in, disengage the 'Lith and move in with the Flayed Ones. Other moves are as shown.

In shooting, 7-2 (ie. seven minus two, who rise again) Warriors are Particle Whipped to death. Trazyn's unit kills 3-2 Warriors (get used to this, it's easier to type). From what the notes say, nothing else good happened.

In combat, the C'tan charges the Destroyers and wipes them, the Flayed Ones and Warriors do some Scarab wounding, and in return I lose one Warrior. Some No Retreats are taken. The Wraiths kill my Spyder.

Turn 3.0

'Scapes Monolith comes in, and some stuff moves.

The 'Lith attempts the Portal of Exile on the C'tan, but it fails. 2 Flux Arcs have no better luck against my Monolith, but I do lose 1 Immortal to the other half for good. Pyreshards and flayer rounds are hurled at my C'tan to no avail.

My C'tan also has the pleasure of being assaulted by a Spyder and some Lychguard. This...doesn't go well. For the Spyder. It's crushed. But my star god loses a Wound.

Meanwhile, the Flayed Ones rip apart the ailing Scarabs, with no damage taken on my end. The Wraiths assault the Monolith, and I lose the Particle Whip and the ability to move.

Turn 3.5

Heavy D and the boys come in, and my last unit of Warriors beams in through the Monolith portal. Some moving is done.

The Heavy Ds immoblise the enemy 'Lith, while my depleted Warriors successfully stun it. The Immortals try too, but fail. My Monolith meanwhile wounds a Wraith with flux arcs, and the Warriors on the right wipe the Warrior squad with Necron Lord, who doesn't return.

I hurl the Flayed Ones at the Wraiths, losing 2 models and wounding the Wraiths three times, remaining locked. This means only 2 Wraiths are left. The C'tan kills 1-1 Lychguard for 1Wound back. Which is a nice way of saying the Pseudo-Deceiver did naff all.

Turn 4.0

'Scape's Flayed Ones come in through his dimensional corridor. Warriors advance.

The Warriors kill 3-1 Warriors.

I lose a Flayed One to the Canopteks, but fight on, doing naff all.

His C'tan and my C'tan do battle, but neither side does any wounds at all. Despite his C'tan having backup. Anyone else think C'tan should be a name for a musical instrument?

Turn 4.5

I pull more Warriors to the left flank, even risking some in Dangerous Terrain, with no ill consequences.

In shooting, his Monolith loses the Whip, and I wipe a Warrior unit.

In combat, the Flayed Ones prevail over their taller opponents, while my C'tan explodes spectacularly, and permanently destroys 5 Flayed Ones. It might also have killed a Lychguard or two.

Turn 5.0-6.5

The next few turns are combat, combat, combat for 'Scape. His Lychguard and Overlord wipe my Destroyers and his C'tan is entangled in a Warrior squad. It spends the rest of the game picking them off but never escapes.

The Guard and Lord then wipe a Warrior squad with the remaining time, while I try to down them and fail. By game's end (no Turn 7), the board is like this:

All the action is there in the corner. But now it's time for the scores:

'Scape killed: My C'tan, my Spyder, my Destroyers, two units of Warriors and my Heavy Ds.

I killed: His Royal Court, his Spyder, his Destroyers, his Scarabs, two units of Warriors and his Wraiths.

7-5 to me.

Overall a good game, although I wanted more mileage out of Trazyn than I got.