Doubles Tournament: Post-Games Summary

And that's how it started. Well, not really, it was my idea but ah well. With a team-mate sorted, we entered using the following 500 point armies, under the intimidating name of Team Log.

Team Log's Alliance of Evils- 500+500
Abaddon the Despoiler
5 CSMs with a meltagun in a Rhino with havoc launcher
5 CSMs with plasma gun
5 Kabalite Warriors
7 Kabalite Warriors with blaster in a Raider with flickerfield and retrojets
3 Trueborn with 2 cannons in a Raider with night shields
3 Trueborn with 2 cannons in a Raider with night shields

With that done, time for the summaries.

Game 1- Sieze Ground (3 objectives), Dawn of War
We played a GW staffer's Tyranids with allied Space Wolves, something like:
Tyranid Prime
Rune Priest
2x 10 Gaunts
2 Hive Guard
2 Zoanthropes
Doom of Ma'lantai
2x 5 Grey Hunter with plasma gun in a Bolterback
5 Long Fangs with 4 MLs

Summary: We reserved everything, as did they, bar one squad of Gaunts and a Bolterback. We got lucky with most reserve rolls, and managed to cover our bases well. Chaos handled the left and Dark Eldar the right. I suffered a lot when the Long Fangs came on in Turn 4 but we had enough scoring units at our end to see it through.

Abaddon...: Came in on Turn 4 and was instrumental in getting the Gaunts off the enemy objective. He survived the game and a bucketload of shooting with one wound left.

Game Highlight: At one point the enemy set up a pyramid formation whereby one Zoanthrope gave cover to two Hive Guard who gave cover to a Bolterback. Row by row the Dark Eldar shooting dismantled the cover wall, and finally managed to blow the heavy bolter off the Razorback with the intervening Nids gone.

Result: Thanks to Abaddon's contesting, the game ended on Turn 5 in a draw.

Game 2: Annihalation, Pitched Battle
Two Necron armies this time, and a good opportunity for me to see the army in use before tomorrow's mirror match. Armies were:
Overlord with staff of light
Overlord with res orb and warscythe
5 Immortals with tesla carbines
3 units of Warriors of varying size
5 Deathmarks

Summary: Because the Necrons are such a short-range army, they couldn't get going until mid-game when the Monolith entered play and began to beam up the Warrior units into out deployment zone. Thankfully as the Warriors were beamed in the Chaos units charged them, and their now inferior 4+ save put paid to their dreams. The Trueborn's ability to put out 24 poison shots per turn was instrumental in wearing them down, and the basic Chaos troops and Havoc Launcher really pulled their weight.

Abaddon...: Went right into the heart of the enemy and drew out the Deathmarks (who marked him) so I could shoot at them. He died on Turn 3 after killing the Immortals.

Game Highlight: My main firebase was saved the wrath of the particle whip, so my three Dark Lances stripped the Monolith of movement and ordnance over two turns. Plus, seeing five Chaos Marines sweep an Overlord and his retinue. I2 is still terribad for Necrons, to borrow a phrase from my least-favourite daily hyperbole site.

Result: We won 4-3, losing only Abaddon, the Haemy and the silly 5-man  Kabalite squad.

Game 3- Capture and Control, Spearhead
An alliance of Grey Knights and CSMs, like so:
10 Tactical Marines with flamer and missile launcher
2 5-man Strike Squads with a psycannon, three halberds and hammer
5 Scouts with sniper rifles and rocket launcher

Summary: A dismal massacre. I stupidly didn't reserve despite being Dark Eldar in Spearhead, and lost my boats on Turn 1. It didn't really improve from there.

Abaddon...: Mishapped due to Warp Quake and ended up in a faraway corner. In three turns he ran all the way to the enemy objective with one wound left, finally reached the Strike squad there...and rolled a 1 for his Daemon Weapon before being halberded to death. All that running clearly winded the poor guy.

Highlight: See above.

Result: It shouldn't surprise you that we lost. However, that team won the whole day and so I'm not disappointed having lost to opponents of that calibre.

Overall then, a win, a loss and a draw. A fun day with decent results to back it up.