Bryss Pulls A Sickie

Due to the fact that I'm not quite finished with the HQ Units Hints For Homebrew, and the fact that I'm going to fetch my Necron Codex today, I will not be posting a proper article this week. However, if all goes well a certain motoring show will be covering aforementioned book in the near future...

I know I'm late, but I finally got some PSN credit the other week so downloaded Kill Team, which I'm very satisfied with. In a weird way for me it feels like a 3D bullet hell game, with added melee, or a 3D side-scrolling beat-em-up with shooting, your choice. Controls are simple enough, and it's a clever idea that rather than aim a cursor you just spray fire in a general direction (seems the best tactic against Orks...).

I agree with Atrotos' earlier review in that the cutscenes really get in the way (and I'm not a fan of the Mission Control guy either), but other than that I'm having a lot of fun with it. Especially with the Sternguard. Dakka dakka indeed.