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Hints for Homebrew: HQ

Before I begin any work on a Hints article for Unique Characters, I'm going to have to lay some groundwork in the form of normal HQs, as that is what most of them are based on. As ever, this article will lay down some good hints as well as highlighting common GW methods which should be avoided or could do with being used less. Here we go:

1) Decide on HQ Type: There are currently four types of HQ in 40k: Combat, Range, Pure Support and All-Rounder. Most HQs include some kind of support element, but will generally sway towards one type or another. When determining what type your HQ is, consider stats, rules and possible loudouts, but that last one is to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Example #1: The Warboss and Succubus are Combat HQs. The Succubus has no support rules whatsoever and no purpose other than melee, while the Warboss contains support elements in the form of making Nobz Troops and Bosspoles, however the statline and wargear makes it more geared to combat.

Example #2: Range…

Mirror Match! 2000 Necrons V Necrons

I should clarify, that's nothing like how it played out. Our lists are quite different. Sort of. Mine was:
Master Bryss' Necrons: 2000-ish Points Trazyn The Infinite Royal Court: 1 Necron Lord with resurrection orb, 4 Cryptek Harbingers of Destruction, 1 Solar Pulse C'tan Shard- Writhing Worldscape, Grand Illusion 9 Flayed Ones 10 Warriors (Cryptek added) 10 Warriors (Cryptek added) 10 Warriors (Cryptek added) 8 Warriors (Cryptek added) 5 Immortals (gauss blasters, Lord added) 3 Destroyers 3 Heavy Destroyers Canoptek Spyder Monolith
This is me trying out some new stuff (Pariah-to-Crypteks), some stuff I haven't used in a while (C'tan, Spyder) and some old favourites (Immortals, Heavy Ds, Monolith).
Cyberscape7's Completely Different Necron List: 2000 Points Overlord with warscythe, resurrection orb, sempiternal weave and phase shifter Royal Court: Lord with warscythe and resurrection orb
5 Lychguard with hyperphase sword and dispersion shield
7 Flayed Ones
C'tan with Writhin…

Top Bryss Reviews the Necron Ark

Tonight- Felix loses a small kitten, 'Scape gets electrocuted and I deal with people who take this show seriously...

Yes, hello, hello, and welcome to the second part of this Top Bryss, where it is now time to review the new high-end Necron kit. Cue swooshy camera techniques.

It's called the Ark, and it costs 31 thousand pounds. For that, you get three sprues, two of which have been pushed to the very limit in terms of how many parts that fit onto them. The third one, however, has more breathing space than the Sahara Desert. The GW website boasts it contains 168 components, however, there is a problem.

You see, it could have easily been less. One half of the massive Doomsday Cannon is a component, however the tiny 2x1mm rectangle thing that goes onto the cable that glues on to said cannon is also a 'component.' Why on earth couldn't that have been integrated into another part? It's more fiddly than the World Violin Championships, and what's worse is that th…

Top Bryss Reviews the Necron Codex

("Jessica" by the Allman Brothers Band plays for 20 seconds.)

Tonight, Felix gets a magnet stuck to his finger, Atrotos discovers the boiling point of Orks, and I read some poetry in a suit....

Hello! Yes, hello and welcome to the first half of this edition of Top Bryss! Now, ages ago, GW released the Necron, a minimalistic but efficient little car that performed well against its competitors. Unfortunately, the engine got outdated, fast, and now there's a new version.

It's called the Necron as well, and almost immediately I noticed a difference. In the old car, the engine would stall as soon as it was functioning below 25% capacity, something GW claimed gave the car "character." Unfortunately, this problem didn't age well, and in the end it had all the character of a turkey playing Macbeth. Not only does the new car solve this problem, it also tweaks the Necron concept, allowing more acceleration from the Monstrous Creatures in the book using the classic …


Due to a bereavement in the family there will be no Haiku Thursday this week.

However, I have good news for you all. The magnets I needed to complete the Ark have arrived and I hope to finish it by the end of the week. In addition, the bat-rep writing process has begun. I forgot to take pictures, so I'm taking a leaf out of a now-dead blog's book and doing the turn shots in Vassal. This is bloody tedious but it looks good so I'm going to push forward with it.

Hope your week's been better than mine has.

Doubles Tournament: Post-Games Summary

And that's how it started. Well, not really, it was my idea but ah well. With a team-mate sorted, we entered using the following 500 point armies, under the intimidating name of Team Log.

Team Log's Alliance of Evils- 500+500 Abaddon the Despoiler Haemonculus 5 CSMs with a meltagun in a Rhino with havoc launcher 5 CSMs with plasma gun 5 Kabalite Warriors 7 Kabalite Warriors with blaster in a Raider with flickerfield and retrojets 3 Trueborn with 2 cannons in a Raider with night shields 3 Trueborn with 2 cannons in a Raider with night shields
With that done, time for the summaries.

Game 1- Sieze Ground (3 objectives), Dawn of War
We played a GW staffer's Tyranids with allied Space Wolves, something like:
Tyranid Prime
Rune Priest
2x 10 Gaunts
2 Hive Guard
2 Zoanthropes
Doom of Ma'lantai
2x 5 Grey Hunter with plasma gun in a Bolterback
5 Long Fangs with 4 MLs

Summary: We reserved everything, as did they, bar one squad of Gaunts and a Bolterback. We got lucky with most reserve roll…

New Necrons: Some Divinations

With the new Necrons out in force, little things present in the Codex seem to tell us shiny new things. Admittedly they don't seem to be too significant but with the more far-out rumours pointing to 6th being on the semidistant horizon I thought I'd get to them, plus any new innovations, before my Top Bryss.
1. Unit (Character): This seems like a clarification to cement what is defenitely a Character and what isn't. Note that the C'tan is one of these now. This could mean in the future we'll get a monster that can join units. Sounds like something the Tyranids could get a bit of a boost from, as well as actual Invulnerable Saves.
2. Entropic Strike: Ward prototyped the ability to remove stats entirely in the form of the Vindicare's Shield-Breaker, and now it's being rolled out in force. It adds a new dimension to methods of tank-busting, instead of just 'fire a meltagun and hope for the best.' I like this.
3. Heavy: I'm guessing this is going to be…

Magnetised Necron Ark Update

Yep, finally got some WIP updates up. I'm nearly at the end of building all the sub-assemblies for painting, and I put the first magnets in literally minutes ago.

Hehe, looks like they have eyes, sort of. Those magnets are for the Warriors that go in when it's a Corpse Ca...ah, no, Ghost Ark. The fluff does make it sound like a high-tech Corpse Cart, mind.

Load and loads of parts. Once I finish it and put in the crucial magnets joining the ribs to the crescent a Top Bryss model review (new Top Bryss things are always fun) will be inbound! Oh, and since it's Haiku Thursday...
I has Necron book Took me bloody long enough Time to kick some arse.

News Updates: The Ark Is Go!

Right, I've hit a slight snag. For reasons incomprehensible to mortal man (including me), I can't get the Codex until Thursday. On the other hand, I have received the other things I ordered. Yay!

I bought the Finecast Trazyn The Infinite to serve as my new proper HQ (as Destroyer Lords with Staves of Light are no longer all that), and as I was with the Death Jester I'm satisfied with model quality (bearing in mind this is only my second Finecast purchase). Maybe they send all the bad ones to America just to annoy them. The other thing I like about him is that he doesn't have a slotta base. You just stick him on. This eliminates the problem amateur gamers have of Floating HQ Syndrome, and minimised the risk that the model just won't stick to the base.

I wondered whether the new Ark was a worthy candidate for my new-found magnet powers, and I'm happy to report that it is. There's easily enough room in the gap in the slots that connect the ribs to the crescen…

Bryss Pulls A Sickie

Due to the fact that I'm not quite finished with the HQ Units Hints For Homebrew, and the fact that I'm going to fetch my Necron Codex today, I will not be posting a proper article this week. However, if all goes well a certain motoring show will be covering aforementioned book in the near future...

I know I'm late, but I finally got some PSN credit the other week so downloaded Kill Team, which I'm very satisfied with. In a weird way for me it feels like a 3D bullet hell game, with added melee, or a 3D side-scrolling beat-em-up with shooting, your choice. Controls are simple enough, and it's a clever idea that rather than aim a cursor you just spray fire in a general direction (seems the best tactic against Orks...).

I agree with Atrotos' earlier review in that the cutscenes really get in the way (and I'm not a fan of the Mission Control guy either), but other than that I'm having a lot of fun with it. Especially with the Sternguard. Dakka dakka indeed.

Haiku Thursday: The Brief Return

Sigh... I seem to have less time than ever to write these days. On the other hand, a new Necron Codex does mean a new bat-rep for you lot, plus I'll see if it is feasible for me to magnetise the Ark. I hope it is, but if it isn't I have no clue how I'm building it. Have a haiku or two. Theme is 'The Imperial Guard':

Hails of unseen fire Fill the air with flames crackling And the ground with thuds.
Onward, Emp'rors men, To fruitless prizes; death, and Anonymity 

Rules Redux #2: Take Cover!

Hi all, and welcome back to another edition of Alt40k Rules Packages Rules Redux! As always I’ll be looking at different rules from 40k each week and see what we can do to try and either improve, make closer to the fluff or just change for the heck of it. The key to this is to make small, modular changes to our game that are easy to incorporate but have wide reaching effects.
Over 50% Concealment since 1986
Today we’re talking about one of the fundamental building blocks of 5th edition, something that has so changed the game that if you don’t have a 3+ or 3++ you had just better stay home. Yes ladies and gents, we’re talking about cover, the thing that thine infantry had best not be without.

Now unlike my last topic cover has a lot of things going for it. It helps make infantry a bit more viable in this vehicle dominated age and even helps reduce the utter dominance of the Spehss Mehreens by giving weaker infantry like Orks or Guard a fighting chance.

However, that is not to say that cove…