Scratchbuilt Haemonculus

I must admit, I'm not a big fan of the new GW Haemonculus. I like Rakarth, but the standard guy is a to say it.... he looks like he'd much rather give you a hug than cut you to ribbons and put you back together again albeit with your tongue and right thumb switched around for a laugh. I'm also a big fan of walking on feet rather than all this tentacles nonsense. And considering the enormous size of my bitz lair, I decided to try my hand at making one myself.

One week of parts-searching and one long day of green-stuffing and gluing to the tune of 'Eye of the Tiger' later...

Much better.

Behold the Haemonculus! I can't actually tell which gender it's meant to be, so we'll say it's indeterminate. That's what I get for using a Daemonette head...

Not much going on at the back, like most 40k models, mainly due to me not wanting a spine-thingy on the back. 

In battle I'll use it with a standard splinter pistol and close combat weapon (as I originally wanted a standard gearless 50 pointer), with the crystal raygun thingy switching between various bits of arcane wargear. Because it's much more flashy than my other (old metal) Haemonculi, this can also serve as an Ancient.

The list of bitz used in this conversion is possibly my longest yet, with parts taken from about 12 different plastic kits. The full list is as follows:

  • Daemonette head
  • Imperial Guard rebreather from the Command Squad sprue
  • Skaven torso and crystal from the Doomwheel
  • Eldar Guardian back body
  • Dire Avenger grenades and shuriken pistol
  • Small antenna thingy from the Mawloc
  • Tabard from the Chaos Terminator Lord
  • Lower body from the Baneblade tank commander
  • Sword from the Black Ark Corsairs
  • Pincer knife hand-thing from the old Dark Eldar Warrior kit
If that isn't a testament to the diversity of my collection I don't know what is. Hopefully it, plus the two pain engines and two Raider crew, can be painted soon.