Necrons Up For Pre-Order (A History Lesson)

Blah, blah, late to the party blah. Point is, I'm officially excited now. Everything is coming together nicely. My mind is turning to the inevitable Top Bryss review, which will be gushing to the extreme, unlike the other two. Probably.

I mean, I was really up for Dark Eldar, but in the timeline of when I started small armies of nearly every race in the game (no Sisters, no spin-offs, them's the only rules), Dark Eldar are, err... technically fifth most recent. The reverse order goes something like:

Chaos Marines
Dark Eldar
Witch Hunters (later upgraded to Grey Knights as my Inquisition force)
Imperial Guard
Space Marines

I started Necrons all the way back in 2004, when a friend recommended I started with something with a 3+ save. I have no idea how he talked me into it, mind, but ah well. A couple of weeks later I had a Codex, a Necron Lord and a box of Warriors. A few weeks after that, I did beginner sessions in my local GW. Back then each week we focused on one section of the FOC, and in the end I had a Lord, 24 Warriors, 5 Immortals, 1 Wraith, 6 Scarabs, a Tomb Spyder and a Heavy Destroyer.

From there began the struggle for victory.

I fought hard with that army and never secured a single win for months. The further in I got, new things were acquired. More Heavies, more Wraiths, Flayed Ones, more Warriors, some Destroyers, the Monolith.

In the first game I played with the Monolith, a 1500 versus Black Templars, I secured my first win. From thereon I started to gain a better ratio. To this day I maintain that one day during a game a beginner will 'click' and immediately start playing better. A few years later, I passed on this method to 'Scape, who also began with Necrons.

It suffices to say that both of us have waited nearly as long as our favoured tomb lords for this.

An eldritch green glow
Falls upon the worlds, as they
Rise to their birthright.