High Gothic For Dummies #3

Bryss' Paintshop strikes again!
No Haiku Thursday this week in favour of more Latin-based mockery. Today, we'll talk about the 'Nids. It's good practise these days to give animals Latin names. Now, when it came to Tyranids GW had an amazingly original idea and gave them High Gothic names. Well, they were in the 4th Edition Codex anyway. Let's see what they're like....

Tyranicus: This is the main Tyranid genus, which splits into smaller categories. As ever it isn't a real word, however tyrannicus with two ns is 'tyrannical.' This doesn't surprise me.

Gauntii: The Gaunt genus, and not a real word. It's typical Ork Latin, but at least they got the third declension plural right. Assuming that's what they aimed for. Which it isn't.

Corporaptor: The Genestealer genus, from corpus, 'body,' and raptor 'robber.' So a body robber then. A rare example of genuine intelligence from the GW Latin Department. If it exists.

Boletus: Given as the genus of Spore Mines, this is the word for 'mushroom.' The full Gothic name of the fairly useless bombs, boletus minoris, means 'small(er) mushroom.' Again, kudos to you, theoretical GW Latin guy.

With that out of the way, let's move on to species names.

Hive Tyrant: tyranicus praefactor. As praefactus means 'commander' and a -tor version doesn't exist, let's call him 'Tyranid Commander.'

Tyrant Guard: tyranicus scutatus. This literally translates as 'Tyranid carrying a shield,' as scutatus is a present participle. Wow, it actually seems like most of this is well thought out. Why didn't Cruddace requisition new names for Hive Guard and Pyrovores and the like? We'll never know.

Tyranid Warrior: tyranicus gladius. I'll give you three guesses. Yep, you got it, 'Tyranid Sword.'

Termagant: gauntii virago. (Bryss looks at dictionary. Bryss bursts out laughing.) This one is 'Tyranid Warrior-Maid.'

I...had far too much fun making this.
And on that bombshell I'm going to leave it there. So I can pick up my sides before they fully split open at the ridiculousness of that image.