Haiku Thursday: Modelling Edition #2: The Sequel

Ah, welcome back to the relaxing corner of Bryssling that holds Haiku Thursday, solid proof that xenos players are "da awesome" as Sinsynn put it. Anyway, remember when I built Fridgey? He was originally planned to be magnetised between both Pain Engines. Then I had a better idea...

I like tentacles,
I like to save my money,
Here is both at once,

I built a Cronos
Entirely from my bitz box
Here it is, enjoy.

The Daemon Prince kit
Had two torsos, I took one
And gave it a base

Held together with green stuff and Scottish inventiveness.

This out of the way,
I found a Carnifex kit
And used a good bit.

It's the Deathleaper trick again, only this time I have a use for the side bitz.

With this thing glued on,
There was a massive gap, so
I plugged it with those

Side bitz I cut off,
At the same time took the arms
And Green Stuffed them on.

Now, my putty skills
Had left some bad blobs
I had a good fix.

I attached thin bitz
Like acupuncture needles
Fits the theme quite well.

The basic Cronos minus trimmings. I'll pass the excess GS off as fleshcraft.

I drilled small holes in the hardened GS to fit the needle things in. There were noticable back gaps at this stage, we'll solve this later. Those gaps were massive until I realised I could use the carapace bitz to plug them.
Added the back spines
And a clear Spirit Vortex
A clear flying base.

Trimmed the front a bit
To make the probe mask fit on.
There, instant Cronos.

Now the finished pics,
With actual information
That isn't haiku.

Yes, I still had the actual Spirit Vortex bit left over, but I have plans for that...

This should make it clear where I put the back bitz that normally go into the holes on the Talos shell. It's simple, effective gap filling.
It kinda looks like it's swimming.
Still experimenting with greens that don't hurt the eyes to read. For my next trick, I'm making myself a new Haemonculus from spares. I know it's not as impressive, but I've run out of big stuff to make.