Haiku Thursday: Back To Normality

After two solid modelling posts in free-form style, I thought I would return to a more classical style for this Haiku Thursday, simply because there isn't really much going on in the Haus of Bryss right now. I painted my spare-parts Haemonculus, but I'm not putting that up because my painting skills aren't so great when I can't cheat with ink. It's not that I'm not happy with the outcome, I just swing between optimism and pessimism a lot. M-hmm. Anyway, I'm waffling. Today's subject is the Primarchs. It's a sort of monologuey artistic thing. Hopefully it should be obvious which Primarch is which.

"Curse of perfection,
Drive me to grotesque lustre,
As harsh gun-horns play."

"We are the Hydra,
Two necks come from bloody spills
For unknown masters."

"Cherub of glory,
Held aloft by sacrifice,
Forget not my rage."

"I am not Primarch
of the Ultramarines, that
job is Lord Mat Ward's."

Well, at least the last one is obvious. I'm off to ponder what on earth I'm going to put on RM this Saturday.