The Dark Eldar Webway Efficiency Dilemna

Or DEWED for short. Anyway, to the actual point, eh?

The above is the aftermath of 6 turns of the following:

This List- 1999
Haemonculus with liquifier gun, venom blade and Webway Portal
Haemonculus with liquifier gun and Webway Portal
20 Kabalites with two splinter cannons, blaster and Sybarite
20 Kabalites with two splinter cannons, blaster and Sybarite
10 Wyches with two shardnets and Hekatrix with agoniser
Raider with flickerfield (for Wyches)
9 Trueborn with 2 splinter cannons
Raider with flickerfield (for Trueborn and non-venomous Haemo)
7 Incubi with Klaivex with demiklaives and Onslaught
Raider with flickerfield (for Incubi)
8 Harlequins with 2 fusion pistols, 2 kisses, Shadowseer, Death Jester and Master with power sword
5 Reaver Jetbikes
Ravager with night shield and flickerfield
Talos with chain-flails
Tactics are simple enough. Drop the Webways with help of Harleys and Trueborn Turn 1, then have stuff turn up and shoot. In the event of DoW, use a Kabablob or to drop one portal then place the other later. It's not perfect, but still does an adequate job.
Point is, although it's not as good as it could be (weaker in DoW, could do with 2 Harleys over the Trueborn, I'd really like some Scourges over the black-sheep Reavers), I'm worried about using it. See, with one notable exception (Grey freaking Knights), my regualar opponent's lists are a tiny bit lacking, although not due to lack of tactical acumen (something I really didn't want to say face-to-face because I am not T'Leeks and have human decency).
This isn't a bad thing, don't get me wrong. In cases such as this, my fun-based philosophy tells me I should consider a) not using Dark Eldar at high enough levels to do efficiency-listing and b) breaking out a weaker or smaller army, like my Orks, Tau or Tyranids (or my catastrophically unlucky Exercitus). However, I really, really like using Dark Eldar. And they're not exactly a pushover at 750 or less anyway, when I have enough Raiders to pull it off.
The few of you lucky enough to be reading this are watching me go through an important transition as a player. Compared to 1-2 years ago, my tactical powers, modelling skills and painting have really come on (think of it as a sort of 40k puberty minus the mood swings and you're not far off), and although I'm nowhere near as skillful as some others, I'm at a nice stage.
What I need to decide now is whether or not to carry making the most efficient lists possible with my model count every single time I write one up, whether or not to diversify and slowly work on all 10 of my armies (something I will explain later) or focus on something less developed (Tau, Orks or Daemons seem the most likely candidates here). I'm not quitting DE full-time, as Haiku Thursday will show, but I feel like I need to use something...else.
Interesting times abound.