Dark Days: 2000 Dark Eldar V Eldar

Hello everyone. Today I'm going to show you WHY the last bat-rep was so nonsensical and fun. You see, this is the battle we had before that one. It really isn't too pretty. Lists are:

Cyberscape7's Craftworld Eldar: 2002 points
Avatar of Khaine
Farseer with Doom, Fortune, Mind War, Spirit Stones, Runes of Witnessing
10 Dire Avengers with Exarch with power weapon and shimmershield and Defend
10 Dire Avengers with Exarch with two catapults and Bladestorm
10 Guardians with a bright lance and Warlock with Conceal
6 Fire Dragons with Exarch with firepike
6 Banshees with Exarch with mirrorswords, War Shout and Acrobatic
Wave Serpent with twin bright lance, shuriken cannon and Spirit Stones (for Banshees and Farseer)
Vyper with scatter laser and holo-fields
6 Swooping Hawks with Exarch with sunrifle and Intercept
5 Dark Reapers with Exarch with missile launcher, Fast Shot and Crack Shot
Fire Prism with Spirit Stones and holo-fields
Falcon with missile launcher, Spirit Stones and holo-fields

Master Bryss' Kabal of the Stolen Soul- 1999 points
Haemonculus with liquifier gun, venom blade and Webway Portal
Haemonculus with liquifier gun and Webway Portal
20 Kabalites with two splinter cannons, blaster and Sybarite
20 Kabalites with two splinter cannons, blaster and Sybarite
10 Wyches with two shardnets and Hekatrix with agoniser
Raider with flickerfield (for Wyches)
9 Trueborn with 2 splinter cannons
Raider with flickerfield (for Trueborn and non-venomous Haemo)
7 Incubi with Klaivex with demiklaives and Onslaught
Raider with flickerfield (for Incubi)
8 Harlequins with 2 fusion pistols, 2 kisses, Shadowseer, Death Jester and Master with power sword
5 Reaver Jetbikes
Ravager with night shield and flickerfield
Talos with chain-flails (heeeere's Fridgey!)

Rather than play a 5th Edition scenario, we used the Cleanse mission from the 4th Edition book (ie get a unit of half strength or better in a quarter with no enemy units fitting the same description for a point). I rolled +1 Attack for my Combat Drugs and took the first turn deploying and acting (because there's no way we were going back to 4th Edition deployment after all). I left most of my stuff in reserve and chose to seperate the Incubi and Wyches from their Raiders.

Unit deployment. Falcon has the Fire Dragons within, the venomous Haemo is with the Harlies, that's the Trueborn in the Raider. There are Dark Reapers in the far-left cover, next to the Defend Avengers. The other cover contains Guardians. And yes, we are aware of 'Scape's need of more scenery. Wow that's a long caption.
 Turn 1.0

I move the Harlies near to board centre and deploy a Webway there. I move the Raider up 12" and disembark the Haemo and retinue, placing the Webway as far forward as I can there.

The Death Jester opens up on the Vyper and blows off the Scatter Laser with a pot-shot. The Trueborn's Splinter Cannons manage to kill a Dark Reaper. Buoyed by this success, I shoot the Fire Prism with their Raider....and miss (in his notes here 'Scape has added 'ha ha,').

Turn 1.5

A general move forward ensues, mostly at the highest speed possible but the Avengers only go 4" due to terrain and the Falcon only goes 6".

As I thought they might, the Trueborn took the most damage here, the Reapers and Avengers combined killing all but one Splinter Cannon guy and putting a wound on the Haemo. The Falcon and Guardians try to sink the Raider but my flickerfield holds firm. Everything else goes at the Harlies, but due to Veil of Tears and good luck no-one dies.

Pretty good placement if I do say so myself.
Turn 2.0

I roll for reserves and in come (deep breath) the Wyches, half the Kabalites, a Raider, the Ravager and the Reavers, who promptly Bladevane the Guardians and kill 3 of them.

Other significant moves include the Wyches going near the Reapers, the Haemo abandoning the lone Trueborn for the big Kabalite blob nearby, taking his Pain Token with him, and more advancing all round.

In shooting I Run with the Wyches just to make sure. The 20 man Kabalite squad on the left open the taps and rapid-fire on the Avengers, which wipes them out in a single round. The lone Trueborn slays two Guardians with his now static cannon (they fall back), while the Death Jester fails to get an encore in his new play "Vyper Shooting," only stunning it. The Ravager manages to immobilise the Wave Serpent on its first try (after blowing up a Land Raider in one salvo in the last game), while my Raider fail as usual.

Combat goes well, as the Wyches Sweep the Reapers and take no casualites.

Turn 2.5

A new unit of Avengers enters play near the grave of the old ones. The Farseer, sick and tired of the Shadowseer's emo powers, gives it a good Mind War. Despite the Shadowseer doing a spectacualar Flip Belt Somersault to try and dodge it, gymnastics really isn't the best psychic defence around and he dies (seriously, who does a backflip to dodge a mental assault?). The Seer and his mates then get out the Serpent and move to the left (I hope you are assuming it's my left, all the photos are from my perspective after all). More vehicle movery ensues, and the Guardians don't rally.

In a mirrored round of shooting, a Bladestorm from the Avengers wipes out my Reavers in one sitting. The Falcon fires at the nearest Raider, which promptly explodes like a petrol-soaked paper aircraft. The dual-token Kabalite squad gets a pie plate from the Fire Prism, which kills 6 of them. The Wave Serpent fails to hit anything.

Turn 3.0

I get the other lot of Kabalites, a replacement Raider, the plain Talos and Refrigerator.

This is my Movement. My list contains 81 infantry, and most of them are here now. The Haemo that was with the Harlies is also in a Kabalite mob now. The Wyches later moved from cover to go on the attack.
 In shooting, the Wyches Fleet 6", while all my skimmers target and Shake the Falcon. The Harlies Stun the Vyper again even with a fusion pistol added to the roster, while the newly entered Kabalites kill 2 Banshees. All other shooting is ineffectual as my Kabalites fail to Blast the Prism and the Trueborn doesn't get much luck.

Both my Taloi charge a vehicle, while the Wyches charge the fleeing Guardian squad. Fridgey manages to Explode his Wave Serpent target (good Fridgey, here, have a soul-biscuit), but old 3rd Edition Talos only shakes the Prism. The Wyches wipe out the Guardians and gain Furious Charge.

Turn 3.5

It's really not going well for 'Scape, but this turn he does get the Avatar. Out of sheer frustration, he Rams the nearest Raider with the Falcon, which works brilliantly as it is Wrecked. The Prism moves Flat Out towards my troops (?).

Now, at this point I should mention the Farseer. He Doomed the Wyches. But more importantly, he Mind Warred Fridgey. Despite being Ld10, Fridgey died instantly. The Farseer really knows how to pick a target (as well as this, this also means that Fridgey seems to have a weakness to HQ units).

The next bit is summed out well like this:

Shame the Avatar didn't kill any in combat due to nets and the Wyches did nothing either.

Yes, I'm aware I made a typo, no I cba changing it. If you haven't seen Wobbly Model Syndrome yet, go do so already. It's the most brilliant 40k humour seen since TSOALR.
Turn 4.0

I prepare a lance battery for the Falcon and move the Harlies closer to the Prism. No sign of the Incubi yet. I move the Talos towards the Banshees and the Kabalites move on up.

It's a running thing that my fusion pistols never do anything. However, today they managed to Wreck the Prism, despite holo-fields. Well done. The lance battery from the two skimmers Explodes the Falcon (kills three Dragons) too, although the 20-man Kabalite blob only Stun the Vyper with their blaster. The Talos kills one Avenger in shooting, and the lone Trueborn kills 2 Banshees (he's on form today).

The Talos charges and kills 4 DAs, half of which is from No Retreat, while the Avatar gets his wail on and kills 3 Wyches. They remain in combat.

Turn 4.5

In come the Swooping Hawks, and I lose some Harlies to the Grenade Pack (although it originally targeted the nearby Warriors). Moving ensues, and my Wyches are Doomed.

The Fire Dragons only manage to Immobilise the Ravager, while the Hawks and Banshees Run.

The Seer and company join the fight against my Wych pit, in the end the Avatar takes a wound from the Hekatrix and both Banshees left die, while I lose 3 Wyches and the battle rages on. The Fire Dragons blow up the Ravager with their melta bombs with no recoil, and 4 more Avengers die at the hands (?) of my Talos.

Wail wail, wail wai...oh come on, it's catchy.
 Turn 5.0

The Incubi come in at last, while I move my Kabalites to secure those vital table quarters and the Harlequins move towards the Fire Dragons.

Both of the Blasters in the Kabalite squad target the Vyper, but only Stun it again. The Raider tries to shoot the Vyper also, but it doesn't work. Finally, the Harlequins kill a Dragon.

I charge the Hawks with my Incubi. Although I lose two Incubi to the Aspect Warriors, the Klaivex kills two Hawks on his own, with the squad wiping out the rest. The Troupe Master manages to kill the Fire Dragons on his own with no help. In existing combats, the remaining Avenger Exarch is killed by the Talos, which consolidates towards the Vyper. The Avatar kills 2 Wyches while my Wyches knock two wounds off the Farseer.

Turn 5.5

Only combat this turn, with the Avatar killing my last two Wyches, although they simultaneously kill the Farseer and wound the molten beast again.

There is a Turn 6...

In which my squads of Kabalites destroy the Vyper's catapults and kill the Avatar. There is little point in continuing past this point. It's all too clear who has won...

Although this wasn't the best battle in the world I hope my write-up has enhanced your enjoyment somewhat. A lengthy analysis to follow.

Alone stands Vyper,
All but wrecked, not forgotten.
Alone stands his pride.