Bryss and 'Scape Present: Mythbusters, Marneus Calgar Edition

Recently, 'Scape got Marneus Calgar. I had the honour of fighting him with my 'Nids yesterday (close game, won by a lucky Warp Lance), and afterwards something like this happened:

The one on the right is me. Images manipulated from 'Scape's own mini and Wobbly Model Syndrome, again.

Ah, the wonders of British panel shows...
So, the idea is simple. Marneus Calgar will undergo five fluff-based challenges, to see if they are fact or myth. Let the games... begin!

Trial 1: Gate Defence

The Premise: Marneus Calgar once held off a mob of Orks for a day and a night to stop them breaching some fortress.

The Trial: Calgar must hold off the following Ork mob for two turns: 20 Boyz inc. Nob with klaw, 2 Burnas, 5 Lootas, a Trukk and 2 Warbikers (they were the closest Orks I had to hand). The first turn is Night Fighting.

 The Result: On Turn 1 the Orks surged forward, and managed to wound Our Hero once with their terrible shooting.  In return, Calgar Orbital Struck the Boyz, and killed 4.

On Turn 2 the Burnas and Boyz charged, while the Lootas wounded the Ultramarine once. In combat, only the Nob could wound Calgar, who slew 10 Orks in return, half of which was No Retreat.

In Calgar's turn a lowly Boy killed him before he could fight back. Yeah, that worked out.

End Result: MYTH.

Trial 2: Combat by Champion #1

The Premise: Calgar defeated the Avatar of Alaitoc in single combat.

The Trial: Fight to the death. Both combatants count as charging.

The Result: In a tense first round, the Avatar wounded Calgar three times! However, the brave blue man wasn't about to quit, and smote the Avatar flat in a single round. Rock on.

End Result: FACT.

Trial 3: The Uprising

The Premise: Calgar repelled the Night Lords from a planet by rallying the local populace as an army.

The Trial: Calgar and 10 Conscripts versus twenty Chaos Marines. As Calgar gathers more men, they turn from Conscripts to Storm Troopers.

The Result: Calgar took the initiative and rallied 2 men to his cause. In his first turn he killed 2 Night Lords. In return, the Night Lords killed 2 Conscripts.

This pattern continued for a few turns until eventually Calgar and 5 men charged the Night Lords and broke their morale.

End result: FACT.

Trial 4: Combat by Champion #2

The Premise: Calgar has supposedly smote the Daemon Prince M'Kar The Reborn twice. It can't be too hard to do it again, right?

The Trial: Calgar versus a Daemon Prince with Unholy Might. Not hard. Again, both have a charge bonus.

The Result: In the first turn both combatants lost 2 Wounds. Unfortunately, in the second M'Kar flattened Calgar. Oh.

End Result: MYTH.

Trial 5: The Most Exaggerated One Of Them All

The Premise: Calgar fought the Swarmlord for five days and five nights.

The Trial: Another combat, however Calgar only wins if he kills the Swarmlord on Turn 5.

I don't have a proper Swarmlord yet. Sorry.
The Result: In Turn 1 the Swarmlord inflicted 2 Wounds, and Calgar one.

In Turn 2 Swarmy inflicted one Wound, and Calgar none.

In Turn 3 Calgar gets another hit in, and the Swarmlord does not.

In Turn 4....the Swarmlord killed Calgar.

End Result: MEGA-MYTH.

So, as it turns out Calgar ain't so hot. Still, a good effort from the Guilliman wannabe. Thank you for watching, and goodnight!