Rules Manufactorum: A New Agenda

Hello all,

I've been working on a new plan (hereby referred to as the 'New Agenda') for Rules Manufactorum. The Agenda is going to lay out some concrete goals and then some steps by which they might be fulfilled. 

Let's get started:


  • 6 posts a week - what is common on all of the most popular 40k sites is frequent posts. In order to engage our readers and to give them something to look for on a day to day basis I would like much more post saturation. 
  • More writers - ideally four or five more writers so that each writer has a set day to post on. Each writer would also have their own "series" much the same way Bryss has 'TopBryss.'
  • A monthly rules update PDF - a single high-quality and tested unit entry per month. I can do much of the testing in my store with some help from my regular customers. This entry should also have unique artwork which I will finance.
  • One mini-dex length story-driven rulebook every year. Fully illustrated and tested. For this I would like a combined team of at least 5 members and a budget of which I will match whatever is contributed. This is the most difficult goal of all but the one with the most promise. 
  • Semi-annual competitions. These can be rules design related but could also focus on fan-fiction or even art. 
These five goals are a good foundation and a good place to start. Without meaning to sound authoritative anyone who wishes to contribute should be committed to these goals and to the quality of the site. It is difficult work with very little in the way of tangible returns. It will take the very best each of us has to offer to make Rules Manufactorum into the source of game materials we all want it to be. 

Abreu and Porky Poster have already mentioned they would like to help out. They and anybody else wishing to contribute should contact me at so we can work out a schedule. Please spread the word and try to engage as many people as you can so that we can get a strong team together and cover one another's weaknesses (especially time-related ones).

That's all for now, I'll be expanding a little more on the Agenda throughout the week. Give me ideas!



The Antipope said…
I already got Alex , you can't take him from me!!!
Master_Bryss said…
Well technically I have two series if you count Hints for Homebrew. And yes, I would like to keep it.

I predicted the monthly thing, kinda like a more regularly updated Astro-Mag for rules.

I like where this is going, and it's good to see you back in the driving seat, so to speak.
Atrotos said…