Random Fight Againt Chaos- Refrigerator's Debut!

Went into GW Aiberdeen to fight against a good friend who's just getting back into the game. I tried out my dual-Talos Webway 2000 (built around two massive blobs of Kabalites and the Taloi) against his fairly battleforcey Black Legion.

It started well for me as I was able to get my Portals down with little effort (he was light on long-range firepower) and got better as I was able to stop his Spawn and Zerkers messing up my blobs by throwing a Talos each into them (random attacks vs random attacks, heh) and I didn't even really need my Incubi by the end of it.

Refrigerator had an impressive debut, killing off about half the Berzerkers with the help of his chain-flails and made a good start on some objective-sitting Chaos dudes. It all went pear-shaped for him when Abaddon rocked up and totally outclassed him (he hadn't had to endure S8 yet at that point) but I'm very happy with my chain-flail taking decision.

Hopefully this means that when he meets 'Scape on Sunday he'll survive totally unscathed and not get shot at by his Killa Kans/Fire Dragons/Whatever he uses that day. Long live Killer Fridge Thing.