Hello everyone,

I want to thank all of our readers for all the support that the site has had since it's inception. There's been so much creativity and a great (read: polite) environment for it flourish. This is because of the mature following that the site has attracted over the past year - something I am incredibly grateful for...

...but not surprised by. RM is a site that should have existed long before it did. It's such a critical part of the hobby to able to expand on the material that is made available to us. To feed what it is we enjoy about the hobby and have it grow into a better occupation for everyone. 

We've had our setbacks. The community is incredibly resistant to any change in the perceived "meta-game" regardless of source. Add to this the unofficial nature of our material and the increased expenses of collecting an army and there simply hasn't been a lot of good soil for our ideas to grow into something more than just that... ideas.

This stagnation is compounded by my insecurities in truly promoting our work. The Stellan codex cost me and arm and a leg and was meant to be an inspiration to the rules designing community. My unwillingness to call it "finished" and release it to the wider public is a complicated mental bind. A selfish and convoluted megalomania. 

The motivational downward spiral continued with the false start at the Codex Project. A great effort impeded by just the limitations I had predicted in my first letter all of those months ago. I have not given up on TCP but I doubt if they can recover from the lack of forward momentum.

And so what is left? A wellspring of incredible ideas suffocating in the murk of the 40k blogosphere? That does no good to anybody. It might generate some thought but it does not truly produce anything. I'm not given to half-assed musings and brainstorming. I want to DO something. 

"Do what Atrotos?" 

Well here's a list:

- Create a regular rules supplement the community can respect
- Host frequent competitions for writing and rules design
- Collect from these competitions an elite team with which to produce yet better material and...
- ... a brand new game

This site is founded on lofty goals and will continue in that tradition just not the way it has been. I need to level with everyone and simply say that I don't have the time or energy to maintain the site to the standard I would wish. If not for Bryss I would have had to quit long ago. I don't even have the mental fortitude to properly look for help. 

Games Corps is a growing entity. The store is a blossoming focal point for all things gaming and its future is so, so promising I can't help throw everything I have at making it work.  I hate (HATE) excuses but I can't go on with just 4-6 hours of sleep a night. I need help. 

So this is where I'll plant the flag. Rally to me if you want Rules Manufactorum to continue. Readers have already responded in the comments following Bryss' earlier post on the subject. This heartwarming enthusiasm is what has brought me back from the brink. 

The goal is not to maintain RM in its current state. There must be growth, evolution and revolution. We need to reach more members and break ground on larger, more ambitious projects. I want to see new ideas and motivated individuals ready to put in real work to create something we can all be proud of. I have to take a break but I'll be more than willing to support the site as long as someone is there to press the standard upwards. 

It was my idea, now it belongs to all of us. What say you? 


Porky_Poster said…
I'd like to see homebrew that gets the respect of the community as a whole, and more homebrew in general. I'm all for more ambitious projects too. A brand new game is a great ambition - based on the quality we see at RM, it's a realistic one.
John Parks-Papadopoulos said…
Would you be interested in a position here Porky?
Porky_Poster said…
I'd be glad to help out, even do a regular series, fortnightly say. I can't promise the kind of rigour you guys bring to it, but I'd be happy to let you sharpen things up in rules terms.

To give you a sense of the kinds of things I could try, I've put up some homebrew bits and pieces at mine and Roll With It over the months:

- a living objectives approach
- the Orkosystem series, with one snotling and one squig so far
- a lesser possible daemon of Malal based on a NetherWerks image
- the ideas to tie in with Heroes of Armageddon, i.e the Citizens troop type, a Survivors upgrade and a possible Parley USR, as well as some ash waste events and a system for fighting inside structures like hives

None of that is anywhere near properly pointed, or balanced for the range of missions and armies. It's more just for the fun of the extra options.
sabreu said…
Count me in under this Rally. I love to write rules and I think the challenge of making something more ambitious will give me a good focus to make something great. 
Master_Bryss said…
Oh how ironic that you mention a new game. Believe it or not, I started writing a one-on-one mecha battle game (no name yet) the other week. It's ambitious and complex, but progress is steady.

I swithered for a bit too, but there's no way I would give up on what essentially created the Bryss you see before you today. I shall rally to your banner as I always have.
sabreu said…
I want to run a competition and offer a prize for first and second place entries. Who do email about this?