On Slumps and Progress

When I decided to do a spin-off blog from RM, I naturally presumed I had loads to write about. I mean, generally speaking I'm a hobby all-rounder, who enjoys all aspects with a very slight bias towards creativity (rules and models), so surely I can cover all the bases, right? Wrong.

The problem I have with blogging as a medium is timescale. The life of a new blog is a Darwinesque struggle for survival, with the primary objective to be top of the blogrolls. Because I am only one person, I don't do pro tactics, I don't post painting progress in 47 steps and it takes me the best part of a week to write something substantial, I cannot do well in these struggles. My two Top Bryss articles are to my mind the best things I've ever written, yet I feel neither got the attention they deserve. If you are a good webcomic, you can get away with once a week. With blogging, that's much harder to justify. So, I'm going to try two experiments. Here's the first one:

This is a red panda from Copenhagen Zoo I snapped a photo of while I was there in June. I did consider giving this to fellow Scottish blogger Fuzbuket for his popular panda-based Wednesday shenanigans but I've decided to put it here simply because of the theory he has that they are the most popular thing on his whole blog, and what works for him may well work for me.

The other thing I'm planning on doing is three new series. The first, Brysstory, will be a mini-history thing in which I drag up my previous rulesets and look at them without my rose-tinted glasses on. The second is Haiku Thursday, which is exactly what it says on the tin. The last one will be an irregular thing called High Gothic For Dummies, in which I teach you how to speak the botched Latin the High Lords of Terra love so much and show you the silly things a Latin (and now Greek) scholar like me can find within names.

I've now got a plan. My work here is done.


Sabreu said…
I like your articles. I just don't comment so much on things that don't relate to new rules or unit overviews.

Your High Gothic for Dummies is something I'm going to look forward to, I have to admit, although I'm not exactly convinced about the Red Panda.

Then again, my more in depth post here does speaks volumes, doesn't it?
Master Bryss said…
S'true, I'm not a fan of comments for the sake of comments myself, it just makes you look more popular.

Having studied Latin for five plus years, I'm really looking forward to probing more into High Gothic and seeing where absolutely everything comes from. It also helps that this year I am also assisting a first-year class with their Latin, hence the inspiration.