New Necron Rules! Versus Battle Company

OK, OK, that's a lie. Sorta. See, yesterday I fought 'Scape three times, each under a different ruleset. We tried to learn 2nd Edition 40k and failed miserably, we played a modified version of the 4th Edition scenario Cleanse, and we had a Combat Patrol game using something...different.

Among the oddities of 'Scape's collection is the White Dwarf issue containing the first ever Necron rules. We decided it would be fun to use these somehow, and I wanted to test my Battle Company homebrew supplement. So Combat Patrol it was.

Due to points inflation, 'Scape had 500 points of Necrons to buy, which he used to buy:

Cyberscape7's Proto-Crons- 500 pts
5 Warriors
5 Warriors

I had 400 points of Battle Company and access to his Ultramarines, and bought:

Master Bryss' Cyberscape7's Ultramarine Battle Company- 400 points
5 Tactical Marines with missile launcher in Rhino
5 Tactical Marines with plasma gun in Drop Pod
5 Assault Marines with Sergeant with a pair of lightning claws

(For those who didn't click the link, Tactical Squads less than ten men can buy one special or heavy weapon at an extra 5 points to the cost for ten men. So 5 for an ML and 15 for a plasgun.)


Yep, totally original deployment. It's a 4' by 4' area by the way.

Pretty much as it is in the pic. Note that in this ruleset Scarabs operate independently (and are 1 Wound Toughness 8 models, more on that later). The Necrons went first.

Turn 1

Limited by the old rules, the Necrons could only walk 4", but the Scarabs zoomed forward a massive 16" towards me. One squad shot their 24" range guns at my Assault Marines, but failed. The other aimed at the Rhino, and gained a Penetrating hit due to the old gauss mechanic, wrecking my metal bawks.

In my turn I got my Pod in where I wanted and moved up my Assault Marines. In my shooting phase I attempted to prepare an Assault Jump (honestly, read the supplement). The might of the plasma gun in my Tactical Squad downed a Necron, but killed the owner in the process. None of my other shooting worked, and when I tried to make a Tactical Advance with the rocket squad it failed miserably.

Fun Fact #1: Necrons here are T5 with a 2+ Save! <sarcasm>Joy of joys!</sarcasm>

"I'll give you 100 more points," I said...
 Turn 2

The downed Necron failed to revive. Using a move soon to be sorta-put back (maybe) into the Necron book, the Scarabs clamped on to my Drop Pod, making it AV6 all round. The Warriors advanced menacingly, and then killed one Tactical Marine and one Assault Marine in shooting. The Scarabs then attacked my Pod in combat, and wrecked it.

I moved my Assault guys closer, then made a successful Tactical Advance with the rocket guys, who moved forward 4" and gained Relentless for the phase. Unfortunately, my shooting did nothing to anything. The four-man Assault team attacked the five-bot Warrior squad, downing 2 and losing a battle-brother in the process. However, in this edition Necrons always pass Leadership tests, making them unsweepable (no, they're not Fearless, they just pass outright).

Fun Fact #2: Each clamped Scarab reduces all Armour facings by 3. And they have a 2+ Save too. <sarcasm>Joy of joys!</sarcasm>

It's not going well, is it?
 Turn 3

One of the Necrons that died last turn gets back up and rejoins the nearest unit. Shooting does nothing, but in combat, bad stuff happens. Each Scarab swarm charges a Tactical Squad. My puny S4 means I can't hurt them, which means my hopes are hinged on the Assault Squad, for whom things are about to become a living hell.

This turn I down 2 metal fiends, and then in my turn I do nothing. Because I can't really do much more, the rest of this bat-rep shall be in narrative form. If you don't enjoy prose, skip to the Victory Points score at the end.

Fun Fact #3: We'll Be Back works like this. Each turn, roll a D6 for each bot lying down. On a 1, they are removed for good. On a 2-5, they stay there 'till next turn. On a 6, they get up again.
Here's some more turn shots for the interested.
Brutus' electric-blue talons flashed in the evening sun as he penetrated the thick metal hide of a metal raider. Around him, more Necrons from another unit were joining the desperate melee, as he and his two brothers fought to preserve their lives and, more importantly, their gene seed. The two Tactical squads seemed to be holding out against the smaller beasts, but he could not divert his attention for too long. It seemed that another creature got up from what should have been their death every minute.

A scream of agony from his left told him that Ventris had finally succumbed to his gauss-wound from earlier, and he had little hope that Iucundus would survive either. A wash of genuine hopelessness flooded into the ancient Sergeant's mind for the first time in hundreds of years of service, and as he realised that he was now alone and surrounded his battle-stance devolved into simple flailing to keep the skeletal constructs away from him.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw his first glimmer of hope. One of the constructs was fading away into nothing, never to rise again. Filled with new strength, he struck out at the most recently-risen of the aliens, and punched it back into the ground. But as he went to pull out his lightning claw, he felt a grim tug at his leg.

As the light faded into dusk, so too did the relic claws of the Sergeant fade into nothing. The Tactical Marines in the distance could only watch as the silver raiders claimed their best man for their blasphemous reaper-master.
In 3 turns of combat, the Scarabs did nothing at all.
 Fun Fact #4: Old Necrons are nails. What happened to them when they got an actual Codex?

Final Score:

A more conventional battle is winging its way to Bryssling soon. But I'll be damned if that wasn't fun.