Having Your Liver Eaten By An Eagle Daily

The title may make more sense if you remember this.

Hello. You may remember some slight ominousness going on in the last post. Well, I've decided to explain it to you. On August 24th I received the following message from Our Glorious Founder (Atrotos):

"Hey Bryss, I wanted to let you know I've all but decided to stop contributing to RM. I don't what it is that's gotten into me lately but it feels like time I would rather spend working on actual projects like the +CENSORED BY ME+. Let me know if you would be interested in keeping the site regardless."

This rather shocking news was followed by a nifty graphic to lessen the mood:

Now, I obviously sent a reply back, but that was the end of the correspondence. And that leaves me in a bit of a pickle. My options are as follows:

1) Keep this site (which may mean losing the custom URL as a side note), with me as the sole author, and continue in the same vein, except I now have to handle submissions as well as generally increase my output.

2) Fuse the site with Bryssling. This means I only have to maintain one blog which will hopefully update more often than the two seperately.

3) Do neither of the above and quit. This is the least likely option, because I like doing this.

I could really do with a nice conclusion to this (which believe you me was completely out of the blue), but I haven't got one.

I do still plan to post my Battle Company coalition project you haven't heard about, so this isn't quite the end yet. What to do....?


sabreu said…
Bryss, I had feeling this was what the news was.My suggestion is to get some help and keep the operation running. This site is fantastic for exploring new ideas and analyzing the game we share a passion for. 
Hell, you know real life can get in the way of keeping a blog up-to-date, but with a little aid and some elbow grease we can keep this as a shining beacon for DiY rules. I'd personally be willing to help as much as possible. 

Personally, I've grown quite attached to the Rules Manufactorum since it's inception (I made my first submission in it's second month), and would feel be missed by it's absence.  
Master_Bryss said…
Addressing your points in reverse order:

Ah, I like the sound of this. The one thing that bothers me about my rules-writing is that I find it much easier to write for humans than xenos. I shall watch with interest.

I don't really like clutter, and also have an extremely powerful nostalgia sense, so I think I'll attempt to preserve the original site. This will involve actually gaining full control of the blog, so it may take some time.
sabreu said…
Things are starting off well. Right now I'm getting my feet wet and trying to nail down a rhythmical style to fit the blogging world, but hopefully I can get a good grasp of it soon. I've focused largely on Orks, some Halo Covenant stuff, and am currently working on some draft rules for Demiurg and some random xeno wildlife to add to 40k. Eventually I would like to explore Dark Heresy entries, BFG, and Epic supplements as well.  
Porky_Poster said…
For me what you guys have been doing here is a valuable thing, taking a rigorous approach to the house ruling and homebrewing that's an essential part of the hobby.

I'd like to see it carry on, and my recommendation would be fusing the sites, especially if Bryssling does stay tricky to write for. That said, you have got some interesting stuff lined up there, like the Latin.

If you'd like submissions to help, I'd be willing to write some, even to a regular schedule.
Lantz said…
I'd say keep RM going if you can. I just discovered it this year, and I'd hate to see it go so soon, for myself. The point-cost theory post was especially helpful concreting and refining theories I had written down, myself.

In the same respect, if you need an author, I'd be more than willing to help out. I currently write for Miniature Wargame Conversions, Twin-Linked Awesome and Santa Cruz Warhammer...hopefully that's enough of a resume to show I have at least a basic understanding of grammar.

I've also been working on a fandex for the 40k society Adeptus Mechanicus for the last year and some change. You can find the last version here: http://twin-linked-awesome.blogspot.com/p/adeptus-mechanicus-fan-codex-download.html

The next version will far surpass the current version in all respects and will have it out soon.

Either way, I say keep RM going. I'm a huge fan.
Master_Bryss said…
Likewise I really like your work on the Admech. I'd also really like to see your points cost theory and compare notes.