Haiku Thursday: Setting the Scene

Welcome to Haiku Thursday, where I share with you some haiku poetry based on the game system we all know and love. By haiku by the way, I mean 5-7-5 syllable three line poetry. None of this 'it has to evoke the seasons' feth here.

Today's haikus cover the 40k universe in general, and demonstrate its many wonders.

Cato looked up, as
Steel meteors filled his heart
With thoughts of revenge.

Where green-flecked winds blow,
The tide scatters blood on soil
And prepares for war.

Dome of Eldar souls
Flitting about in fear of
The painful pleasure.

I hope these are to your liking. I think I like the second one most.


Master Bryss said…
I really, really need to work out how to switch to Disqus.
HOTpanda said…
I recently wrote dozen or so Haiku's about warhammer 40k and some Fantasy as well. i had a blast writing and as such I enjoyed reading yours as well. Here is one of mine:

murdering thousands,
emperor giving silence
his lapdogs yapping

+++Svane Vulfbad+++

Cheers and thanks for sharing