Haiku Thursday: Modelling Edition

We once again return to the serene peaceful land of Haiku Thursday, where today I have decided to write poetry about my life this week. It's a wonderfully frustrating tale but it got there in the end. Enjoy.

Once upon a time
I bought myself a Talos
For my Dark Eldar

I looked at the box
Decided; "It needs changing,
Where is my green stuff?"

Then I set to work
To make the torture machine
Like the Codex art

Based off a tutorial from The Dark City forum

I filled up the holes
As I didn't want the spikes
And built up the core

But then disaster struck
I ran out of instructions
So I improvised

And ended up with this
With the Talos built,
Satisfied, I did a dance
And it fell off. Damn

Turns out the ball joint
Needed to be much tighter
I thought hard... ah-ha!

Magnets saved the day,
Those silver discs of greatness
Held the beast aloft.

It's ready for battle
I have a game on Friday
Against some Chaos.

Now it needs a name
So I found the perfect thing:

I hope my alternate haiku style inspires you to hobby greatness. The newly-christened Refrigerator shall also feature in a forthcoming battle-report.