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The New Agenda

Hello readers,

I've been in touch with a few of you over the past few days. Imagine my surprise when I received over 20(!) emails from enthusiastic followers all offering encouragement and many offering to contribute. I would like to hammer out a schedule for those of you that offered to contribute as writers.

So far only Thursday is taken (by Mr. Abreu) and the following writers should get back to me on which days they feel comfortable with:


A big 'Thank You' to everyone taking time out of their days to contribute, and I look forward to reading more about the ideas that are swimming around in my inbox.


High Gothic For Dummies #2

You may have noticed there was no Haiku Thursday this week. Now you know why. This week I'll do some Space Marines and their Primarchs. I warn you, this could get ranty.

Primarchs: I think this is probably a hybrid of primus (first), and patriarch, which itself comes from pater (father). Obviously not all Primarchs have Latin-based names, but I'll cover the ones that do in order of Legion.

Fulgrim: From fulgor, which is lightning, but it can be used figuratively to mean "splendour." Oh how appropriate for arguably the most fabulous Primarch. As a side note, while looking this up I found the Latin fulcrum (as in Arcane Fulcrum from Storm of Magic). This means "bedpost." Wonder if this makes Bedknobs and Broomsticks canon in Fantasy...

Peturabo: A wild guess this, but I think this is from peturbo, the first person for the verb "to throw into confusion." Or Chaos, one might suppose...

Sanguinius: Take a wild guess. Replace the i in 'ius' with e…

New Necron Rules! Versus Battle Company

OK, OK, that's a lie. Sorta. See, yesterday I fought 'Scape three times, each under a different ruleset. We tried to learn 2nd Edition 40k and failed miserably, we played a modified version of the 4th Edition scenario Cleanse, and we had a Combat Patrol game using something...different.

Among the oddities of 'Scape's collection is the White Dwarf issue containing the first ever Necron rules. We decided it would be fun to use these somehow, and I wanted to test my Battle Company homebrew supplement. So Combat Patrol it was.

Due to points inflation, 'Scape had 500 points of Necrons to buy, which he used to buy:

Cyberscape7's Proto-Crons- 500 pts
5 Warriors
5 Warriors

I had 400 points of Battle Company and access to his Ultramarines, and bought:

Master Bryss' Cyberscape7's Ultramarine Battle Company- 400 points
5 Tactical Marines with missile launcher in Rhino
5 Tactical Marines with plasma gun in Drop Pod
5 Assault Marines with Sergeant with a…

Random Fight Againt Chaos- Refrigerator's Debut!

Went into GW Aiberdeen to fight against a good friend who's just getting back into the game. I tried out my dual-Talos Webway 2000 (built around two massive blobs of Kabalites and the Taloi) against his fairly battleforcey Black Legion.

It started well for me as I was able to get my Portals down with little effort (he was light on long-range firepower) and got better as I was able to stop his Spawn and Zerkers messing up my blobs by throwing a Talos each into them (random attacks vs random attacks, heh) and I didn't even really need my Incubi by the end of it.

Refrigerator had an impressive debut, killing off about half the Berzerkers with the help of his chain-flails and made a good start on some objective-sitting Chaos dudes. It all went pear-shaped for him when Abaddon rocked up and totally outclassed him (he hadn't had to endure S8 yet at that point) but I'm very happy with my chain-flail taking decision.

Hopefully this means that when he meets 'Scape on Sunda…

Haiku Thursday: Modelling Edition

We once again return to the serene peaceful land of Haiku Thursday, where today I have decided to write poetry about my life this week. It's a wonderfully frustrating tale but it got there in the end. Enjoy.
Once upon a time I bought myself a Talos For my Dark Eldar
I looked at the box Decided; "It needs changing, Where is my green stuff?"
Then I set to work To make the torture machine Like the Codex art

I filled up the holes As I didn't want the spikes And built up the core
But then disaster struck I ran out of instructions So I improvised
With the Talos built, Satisfied, I did a dance And it fell off. Damn
Turns out the ball joint Needed to be much tighter I thought hard... ah-ha!

Magnets saved the day, Those silver discs of greatness Held the beast aloft.
It's ready for battle I have a game on Friday Against some Chaos.
Now it needs a name So I found the perfect thing: Refrigerator
I hope my alternate haiku style inspires you to hobby greatness. The newly-christened Refrigerator shall al…

Project: Battle Company

So, we're definitely still running and we're moving towards bigger projects. Which is good, because it means I have some motivation to finish the many millions of things I have lying around. Like this.

I've wanted to write a Battle Company army list for some time. You may remember a while back that I experimented with new army composition methods, and one of them didn't work as well as the other. This is that one, brought back and looking very shiny indeed.

When I set out to write it, I wanted the book to focus less on shiny characters with snazzy gear and FOC-alters, and more on the three units that in fluff are the key cogs of a Space Marine army. So there are only three Specials in the book, which basically function as an enhancer to one of those units each, and allow for an Assault or Devastator Company. Yes, I'm allowing Devas as troops, no, I haven't properly tested it yet. This is the first draft, that I am releasing to the general populace to gain feedbac…

High Gothic For Dummies #1

Ah, the miracle of Paint...
Greetings. As I promised earlier this post will shed some light on some of the weird things about High Gothic (ie. I run through a Latin dictionary and laugh at things). This series will teach you about the Captain named after a body part, highlight all 40,000 examples of adding '-us' to the end of a word to make it sound Latin, and generally expand your vocabulary base. If it isn't a real word, I will endeavour to make up a translation. Today's subject is The Imperium of Man.
Imperium: Easy one this, it just means 'empire.' When Rome was a republic, this could also refer to leadership ie. "Under the imperium of Cicero." So either way it unites all man under...
Deus Imperator: ...The God Emperor. It can also go the other way and be imperator deus. Again, emperor worship existed in Rome. It's completely off the point that the Dark Eldar are arguably more Roman...
Terra: I really shouldn't need to explain this, nor Luna.…

Rules Manufactorum: A New Agenda

Hello all,

I've been working on a new plan (hereby referred to as the 'New Agenda') for Rules Manufactorum. The Agenda is going to lay out some concrete goals and then some steps by which they might be fulfilled. 

Let's get started:


6 posts a week - what is common on all of the most popular 40k sites is frequent posts. In order to engage our readers and to give them something to look for on a day to day basis I would like much more post saturation. More writers - ideally four or five more writers so that each writer has a set day to post on. Each writer would also have their own "series" much the same way Bryss has 'TopBryss.'A monthly rules update PDF - a single high-quality and tested unit entry per month. I can do much of the testing in my store with some help from my regular customers. This entry should also have unique artwork which I will finance.One mini-dex length story-driven rulebook every year. Fully illustrated and tested. For this I w…


Hello everyone,

I want to thank all of our readers for all the support that the site has had since it's inception. There's been so much creativity and a great (read: polite) environment for it flourish. This is because of the mature following that the site has attracted over the past year - something I am incredibly grateful for...

...but not surprised by. RM is a site that should have existed long before it did. It's such a critical part of the hobby to able to expand on the material that is made available to us. To feed what it is we enjoy about the hobby and have it grow into a better occupation for everyone. 

We've had our setbacks. The community is incredibly resistant to any change in the perceived "meta-game" regardless of source. Add to this the unofficial nature of our material and the increased expenses of collecting an army and there simply hasn't been a lot of good soil for our ideas to grow into something more than just that... ideas.

This stagna…

Haiku Thursday: Setting the Scene

Welcome to Haiku Thursday, where I share with you some haiku poetry based on the game system we all know and love. By haiku by the way, I mean 5-7-5 syllable three line poetry. None of this 'it has to evoke the seasons' feth here.

Today's haikus cover the 40k universe in general, and demonstrate its many wonders.

Cato looked up, as Steel meteors filled his heart With thoughts of revenge.
Where green-flecked winds blow, The tide scatters blood on soil And prepares for war.
Dome of Eldar souls Flitting about in fear of The painful pleasure.
I hope these are to your liking. I think I like the second one most. 

Top Bryss Presents: The Shawn Abreu Index: Demiurg Concept

I assure you they are nothing like this.
I learned many things yesterday, some of which I shall touch on later. But on a different and more relevant note, I learned about Index: Xenos, Sabreu's new rulesblog. He recently put up an entry for the option of Demiurg, which I shall now proceed to comment on in a similar manner to the Treasury series initiated by Our Glorious And Missing Founder. Now, because I'm nowhere near as technical, I shall instead do a review in a more... familiar concept.

Dadada da daa da da da da da da da daa...
Yes, hello and welcome... to Top Bryss! Although the last episode was elsewhere, I've decided to move it back to its true home, in order to do a very thorough review of this unit. Enjoy!

How does it fit in?: The Demiurg concept here is a Heavy Support choice for a Tau army, and provides a radically different approach to the other units, which all try to shoot your face off. Now, I'd like to say that makes it a combat anti-vehicle unit, but it&…

Having Your Liver Eaten By An Eagle Daily

The title may make more sense if you remember this.

Hello. You may remember some slight ominousness going on in the last post. Well, I've decided to explain it to you. On August 24th I received the following message from Our Glorious Founder (Atrotos):

"Hey Bryss, I wanted to let you know I've all but decided to stop contributing to RM. I don't what it is that's gotten into me lately but it feels like time I would rather spend working on actual projects like the +CENSORED BY ME+. Let me know if you would be interested in keeping the site regardless."

This rather shocking news was followed by a nifty graphic to lessen the mood:

Now, I obviously sent a reply back, but that was the end of the correspondence. And that leaves me in a bit of a pickle. My options are as follows:
1) Keep this site (which may mean losing the custom URL as a side note), with me as the sole author, and continue in the same vein, except I now have to handle submissions as well as generally in…

On Slumps and Progress

When I decided to do a spin-off blog from RM, I naturally presumed I had loads to write about. I mean, generally speaking I'm a hobby all-rounder, who enjoys all aspects with a very slight bias towards creativity (rules and models), so surely I can cover all the bases, right? Wrong.

The problem I have with blogging as a medium is timescale. The life of a new blog is a Darwinesque struggle for survival, with the primary objective to be top of the blogrolls. Because I am only one person, I don't do pro tactics, I don't post painting progress in 47 steps and it takes me the best part of a week to write something substantial, I cannot do well in these struggles. My two Top Bryss articles are to my mind the best things I've ever written, yet I feel neither got the attention they deserve. If you are a good webcomic, you can get away with once a week. With blogging, that's much harder to justify. So, I'm going to try two experiments. Here's the first one:

This is…

Top Bryss Reviews the New Sisters Army

All together now... dadada da daa da da dada da da daada.... Oh, and for the best effect, do the voice.

Tonight: Felix runs out of Rich Tea biscuits, 'Scape eats a cheese sandwich, and I get mauled by a wasp...

Hello! Yes, we're back on a different channel! Weird, isn't it? Yes, hello and welcome... to Top Bryss! Now, as we know, GW dominates the market for sci-fi motors right now, and they have begun to try strange new things including a new kit Codex. But is it any good?

I'm talking about Codex: Sisters of Battle. Entering the market at 900 (thousand) pence, it seems at first glance to be the cheapest to run of all GW makes. It's been supplied to the consumer in two parts, making it as easy to assemble as a metal blister. Under the bonnet is a modest 18 units, but it goes from nought to Turn 6 in about the same time as more expensive GW armies. It's compatible with a few GW accessories for other makes, like the Crusader, Arco-Flagellant and Death Cultist, but …