Inquisitorial Storm Trooper (R-End Edition?)

I don't know what to say right now. What I will say for sure is that it's been a dark month or two. The Sisters Codex is something I shall discuss soon, as my second Top Bryss. Although it won't be here that I do that, for reasons that I may or may not have to explain to you. And so, in honour of that which I won't mention yet, I give you this swansong. We all know what it is.

Oh, right, this has been heavily edited from the original. It's nice to do these edits once in a while.

A unit of Inquisitorial Storm Troopers is 80 points.

Inquisitorial Storm Troopers are an Elites choice in a Grey Knights army. If the army contains at least one Inquisitor of any kind (including Coteaz, Valerius and Karamazov), they are Troops.

This is the profile for the basic Trooper. A Sergeant has Leadership 9.

Unit: Sergeant and 4 Storm Troopers.

Unit Type: Infantry

Wargear: Hellgun, close combat weapon, frag and krak grenades.


  • Add up to 5 Storm Troopers...+15 points each.

  • The entire squad can take Targeters...+1 point per model.

  • Up to two Storm Troopers may replace their hellgun with:

    • Flamer...+5 points

    • Meltagun...+10 points

    • Plasma Gun...+15 points

    • Psycannon...+25 points

  • The Sergeant may exchange his Hellgun for:

    • a

    • a Boltgun...+2 points

  • The Sergeant may exchange his CCW for:

    • Power Sword...+10 points

    • Power Fist...+15 points

  • The Sergeant may take meltabombs...+5 points

  • The entire squad may take one Doctrine:

    • Intelligence Core...+30 points

    • Combat Core...+30 points

    • Witchfinder Core...+30 points

Intelligence Core: Whenever an enemy unit enters play within 18" of at least one model in the squad, the whole squad may make a free shooting attack against them.
Combat Core: All squad members gain an extra Close Combat Weapon and the Preferred Enemy and Rending special rules.
Witchfinder Core: The squad is armed with psyk-out grenades. Two squad members replaces their hellgun with a heavy flamer.

Hellgun: Range 24"/S3/AP5/Assault 2
Hellpistol: Range 12"/S3/AP5/Pistol
Targeter: Allows the unit to pre-measure their range before deciding on a target in the Shooting Phase.

Transport: The unit may take either a Rhino, Razorback or a Chimera.

You'll notice I kept the option for a Targeter and didn't use the Hot-Shot Lasgun. This was to keep true to the original unit (can't have Flash Gitz being the only ones with that power) and also because the use of the improved hellgun differentiates from the Imperial Guard ST and the Warrior.

It wouldn't be hard to create a version that slotted into the Henchmen slot, but I didn't want to do this. Three Storm Troopers with meltaguns in a Razorback? No thanks, that would completely miss the point. Maybe a Bodyguard-type model with a Sergeant profile and power weapon/fist could create a midpoint between all the other combat units, with semi-decent armour.

The Doctrines of IG Veterans made it in, originally done by Ordo but now more generalised. I then added the Psycannon as an option, it seems expensive and I may drop it to 20, but since I don't have the GK Codex in front of me I can't be sure.

How ironic, that of all the RM articles I could have used a call-back to Ye Olde Dayes on, this was it.

Top Bryss returns to your screens on Bryssling on Sunday. I won't say which Sunday as I put a lot of effort into my mimicry.


sabreu said…
I don't understand. Is this linked to something I'm unaware of? 
Matthew said…
I think those rules are a little silly for such a cheap unit.  MAYBE one or the other, but not both.
Master_Bryss said…
Master_Bryss said…
I'm confused as to how. A basic IG Veteran isn't much less, and works on a similar principle. One or what other? I don't get you. Maybe they could go back to being 10 points each, as they were before.
sabreu said…
I think he missed the fact you have to pay for a single doctrine (+30 points) and assumed you get all three for free. Otherwise, I don't understand his post either.
Master_Bryss said…
This makes a lot more sense.
sabreu said…
I should state I like this unit. I was just confused because the post alluded to something on the horizon and I didn't understand what that something was. I suppose I'll have to wait to figure it all out. ;)
Master_Bryss said…
I wouldn't be smiling if I were you. Just sayin'...
Ahrimaneus said…
BS4 for the love of christ BS4!!!!!

Veterans of a thousand battles and the scariest shit in the galaxy, but we haven't figured out how to shoot accurately just yet....
sabreu said…
Read right above the stat-line. It was supposed to be BS4! lol
Master_Bryss said…

Because my table was made using the Snipping Tool, it couldn't be edited. They are meant to be BS4, if they weren't then there really wouldn't be much point in making them.
Atrotos said…
Maybe the return of official rules in the White Dwarf mag will herald more rules injections such as this one. We can only hope. I'm tired of waiting on GW to do their job… tired of so many things really. 

I hate the rapid fire mechanic. It just doesn't feel like modern warfare. I'd like to see a combined shoot/assault option that would modify ballistic skill. Then, because Storm Troopers are just that, they would ignore said modifier… or something like that. 

Problem with rapid fire is that it just doesn't have the feel of a unit REALLY unleashing a hailstorm of lead/plasma/flashlights. 

This entry is hardly competitive enough to draw slots away from regular acolytes, fluffy though it may be. Also I don't feel any of those doctrines is worth 30 points as they are too, too circumstantial. Yes, I realize I designed something along those lines a while back but I'm an idiot and therefore excused. 

For a couple of points more per model I'd like 

- Shoot and Assault
- An extra attack
- 'Heavier' doctrines (Preferred enemy, extra CC weapon, psy defence, etc)
- Dedicated Valkyrie
- Stubborn 

Then maybe I'd consider taking them over the FOUR point warrior acolyte.
sabreu said…
If GW was wise, they would introduce Rapid Fire weapons with more shots. Rapid Fire 2 would ideally shoot 2 at long range, 4 within 12". I think this would give some units a good feel of modern warfare (such as making the Hellgun Rapid Fire 2). It also opens the door for much more weapon variety!
Master_Bryss said…
I see your point. I'm not as outside the box as normal for some reason. I also know nothing about warfare.

It needs tweaking. And so I shall tweak it. Soon. I promise.