Grey Knight Magnet Men- The First Five are Painted!

I really shouldn't have to explain to you the subject matter of this post. Behold my amateur painting!

Justicar. Sword is an easy to do mix of Necron Abyss with Mithril Silver. The actual quantity I use varies, but generally you want more Abyss than Silver.

The "Proof They Are Magnetised"shot. Note that the pads without faux-Latin inscriptions have gold trim. I just prefer that to plain ol' silver.

This shot manages to fit Heavy Weapon Guy in. Storm Bolters are red for retro reasons.

Aand, Hammer Guy. Copious amounts of Badab Black were used in the production of these Knights. By my normal painting standards, I'm very satisfied with how they came out.

Coming soon-ish: Me pretending to be Clarkson in a review of the Sisters army, a "beer and pizza tactics" series, and more haiku poetry than you could ever need.


Fuzzbuket said…
very nice :) i do like the blue swords? and the face is very well done too :)