Bullfrog All-Terrain Vehicle

Yep, this should carry 13 men all right.

Right, as promised here is the Bullfrog ATV, the go-to Disciple transport.

"And they shall go to war upon mighty behemoths of steel, wrought in factories devoted to Her name. They shall carry the Light with them, and disgorge its Children from its metal womb. No terrain shall impede them, for their four great feet carry with them the greatest sense of purpose possible for a vehicle to have."
                                                           - Book of Technology II, Cacophonies of Light.

Bullfrog ATV

A Bullfrog is a Dedicated Transport for a Disciples army.

Cost: 75

Composition: 1 Bullfrog

Type: Tank

Capacity: 13

Fire Points: 5 on the top.

Access Points: One on the underbelly. Simply move within 2" of any part of the vehicle.

Wargear: Four twin-linked Light Targeters.

Light Targeter: This is a defensive weapon that functions as either a Searchlight, or as a weapon with the following profile:

Range: 24"/ S:1/ AP: 2/ Type: Assault 1, Ignores all types of Save, including Cover and Feel No Pain.

Special Rules: Quadruped, Stable Platform

Quadruped: The Bullfrog is powered by four large legs that allow it to circumvent all terrain, however it is much slower than a regular tank. The Bullfrog ignores all Difficult and Dangerous terrain, however can only move 9" at Cruising Speed and cannot Tank Shock.

Stable Platform: Due to its propulsion system, passengers aboard a Bullfrog enjoy an easier ride, enabling them to fire more confidently on the move. All passengers aboard a Bullfrog count as Relentless, enabling them to fire heavy weapons on the move even at Combat Speed.

No options as of yet, but I'm sure I'll find some.

Anyway, I suppose I'd better show how this illustrates my points.

Aesthetics: This vehicle straddles the line between Tank and Walker (think a cross between a Rhino and an AT-ST), and is a 40k first in terms of how it handles terrain. I did consider adding the Lumbering rule from the Leman Russ but dismissed it as too random. Maybe it could be Lumbering in Difficult Terrain in a future incarnation, to bring it into line with infantry (sort of).

Typing: Nothing new here, it's a Tank. I did set out to make the first Walker Transport. but then decided against it because it can't really fight in combat. It's fine for War Walkers and Sentinels, who can easily balance on one leg for a while, but I think the Frog may collapse if it tried. Therefore, Tank was the logical choice, albeit with some modifications to show it's close to Walker status.

Armour, BS, Guns, Rules, The Little Things: These all feed into Bryss' Improvised Points Theory so I'll cover them in one blow. Remember, I class the Vindicator hull as 50. This goes up to 60 because of better back armour (good back armour seriously jacks up the cost of vehicles), but loses 5 for worse BS. I then add four searchlights (free), which are also fairly weak guns (65). I've already stated I cost 5 Fire Points as 10, so here we are at 75. Quadruped and SFP are free, because the former slows the vehicle a fair bit (and it is a Transport after all), and the latter is heavily influenced by what unit is in the vehicle. Plus, it seems a bit overcosted at 80, considering the makeup of 5th.

There are also the odd small touches here and there to diversify it. The capacity is 13 (for fluff reasons), it's an ATV, not an APC, that sort of thing. In addition, the Disciples are a mostly human army, so I needed to make this different from the typical plastic bricks the other human races use.

This is a plastic brick ON LEGS. Job done.

Apologies for the sticky-out table, I couldn't read it at the 'Large' size. I'm always open to suggestions to improve this, as it's my new pet army and all that. My next WIP hints is Veteran Elites, which I'm working on in conjunction with trying to write something that isn't a HFH article.


Atrotos said…
Interesting and well costed considering what we know (not much) about the rest of the army. 

Thoughts on a model option? Did you have something in mind?
Master_Bryss said…
Sort of. Because it's still experimental the model is still out there, but a modified upside-down Chimera on four Sentinel legs is about the bulk I want.
sabreu said…
This is a tank I would like to build one day, just for the sheer uniqueness of it. I'm thinking of using the torso from this kit: http://www.shopping.com/Playing-Mantis-Lost-In-Space-Robot-Model-Kit/info  as the main chassis, using it's arms and/or defiler legs as it's quadrupedal legs. As for the Light-Targeters, I would use 40k Searchlights and a combination of bits from the linked kit. I once had it and it came with a lot of internal parts that could make for a rough and sci-fi look. The torso piece lends well to the general aesthetic of the moniker 'Bull Frong' when elongated horizontally.