Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Grey Knight Magnet Men- The First Five are Painted!

I really shouldn't have to explain to you the subject matter of this post. Behold my amateur painting!

Justicar. Sword is an easy to do mix of Necron Abyss with Mithril Silver. The actual quantity I use varies, but generally you want more Abyss than Silver.

The "Proof They Are Magnetised"shot. Note that the pads without faux-Latin inscriptions have gold trim. I just prefer that to plain ol' silver.

This shot manages to fit Heavy Weapon Guy in. Storm Bolters are red for retro reasons.

Aand, Hammer Guy. Copious amounts of Badab Black were used in the production of these Knights. By my normal painting standards, I'm very satisfied with how they came out.

Coming soon-ish: Me pretending to be Clarkson in a review of the Sisters army, a "beer and pizza tactics" series, and more haiku poetry than you could ever need.

Inquisitorial Storm Trooper (R-End Edition?)

I don't know what to say right now. What I will say for sure is that it's been a dark month or two. The Sisters Codex is something I shall discuss soon, as my second Top Bryss. Although it won't be here that I do that, for reasons that I may or may not have to explain to you. And so, in honour of that which I won't mention yet, I give you this swansong. We all know what it is.

Oh, right, this has been heavily edited from the original. It's nice to do these edits once in a while.

A unit of Inquisitorial Storm Troopers is 80 points.

Inquisitorial Storm Troopers are an Elites choice in a Grey Knights army. If the army contains at least one Inquisitor of any kind (including Coteaz, Valerius and Karamazov), they are Troops.

This is the profile for the basic Trooper. A Sergeant has Leadership 9.

Unit: Sergeant and 4 Storm Troopers.

Unit Type: Infantry

Wargear: Hellgun, close combat weapon, frag and krak grenades.


  • Add up to 5 Storm Troopers...+15 points each.

  • The entire squad can take Targeters...+1 point per model.

  • Up to two Storm Troopers may replace their hellgun with:

    • Flamer...+5 points

    • Meltagun...+10 points

    • Plasma Gun...+15 points

    • Psycannon...+25 points

  • The Sergeant may exchange his Hellgun for:

    • a Hellpistol...free

    • a Boltgun...+2 points

  • The Sergeant may exchange his CCW for:

    • Power Sword...+10 points

    • Power Fist...+15 points

  • The Sergeant may take meltabombs...+5 points

  • The entire squad may take one Doctrine:

    • Intelligence Core...+30 points

    • Combat Core...+30 points

    • Witchfinder Core...+30 points

Intelligence Core: Whenever an enemy unit enters play within 18" of at least one model in the squad, the whole squad may make a free shooting attack against them.
Combat Core: All squad members gain an extra Close Combat Weapon and the Preferred Enemy and Rending special rules.
Witchfinder Core: The squad is armed with psyk-out grenades. Two squad members replaces their hellgun with a heavy flamer.

Hellgun: Range 24"/S3/AP5/Assault 2
Hellpistol: Range 12"/S3/AP5/Pistol
Targeter: Allows the unit to pre-measure their range before deciding on a target in the Shooting Phase.

Transport: The unit may take either a Rhino, Razorback or a Chimera.

You'll notice I kept the option for a Targeter and didn't use the Hot-Shot Lasgun. This was to keep true to the original unit (can't have Flash Gitz being the only ones with that power) and also because the use of the improved hellgun differentiates from the Imperial Guard ST and the Warrior.

It wouldn't be hard to create a version that slotted into the Henchmen slot, but I didn't want to do this. Three Storm Troopers with meltaguns in a Razorback? No thanks, that would completely miss the point. Maybe a Bodyguard-type model with a Sergeant profile and power weapon/fist could create a midpoint between all the other combat units, with semi-decent armour.

The Doctrines of IG Veterans made it in, originally done by Ordo but now more generalised. I then added the Psycannon as an option, it seems expensive and I may drop it to 20, but since I don't have the GK Codex in front of me I can't be sure.

How ironic, that of all the RM articles I could have used a call-back to Ye Olde Dayes on, this was it.

Top Bryss returns to your screens on Bryssling on Sunday. I won't say which Sunday as I put a lot of effort into my mimicry.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

4-Way 40k: The Rematch! Part 2

Part 1

The stage is set. The armies are deployed. The Inquisition player is really wishing he brought more guns. But enough of these minor gripes, as we return to....

The Last Ultimate 4-Way Mega Battle Challenge...Game...Thing...OF DOOM!

Oh, I made an error in the last part. Both of King P's Shas'Os are also preparing to Deep Strike.

Tau Turn 1

The Stealth Suits begin to advance to the board centre, as do the Fire Warriors that aren't in cover and the Crisis Battlesuit.

Using Dawn of War logic (kill the Relic unit first!) King P elects to fire at the Avatar with pretty much everything. The Stealth Suits are first to take a punt, but the one wound they inflict is saved. The Pathfinders light up the Avatar with their laser pens markerlights, but only one works. This dismal total of hits is doubled by the Fire Warrior Shas'Ui as he uses his markerlight, allowing the rest of the squad to wound the Avatar once. After some more awful shooting from all his units, King P's last unit to shoot is the Hammerhead, which fires Submunitions over the Dire Avengers in the hope of also hitting the Avatar. This gamble pays off, as he kills 3 of the DAs and wounds the Avatar once again.

It comes as no surprise to any of us that he uses the Assault Phase to retreat with his jet-packers.

Eldar Turn 1

Everything the Eldar have advances, with all the vehicles going at Cruising Speed.

The Dire Avengers elect to shoot the Fire troops that aren't in cover, which kills 5 of them plus the Marker Drone even without Bladestorm, which is fairly impressive. The Avatar and Wraithlord have a Running race, with the Avatar managing 4 inches and the Wraithlord 6. The Falcon and Prism attempt to shoot the Hammerhead, but a combination of Disruption Pods and poor accuracy dispels every shot. The Wave Serpent goes for my Vindicare, but I am saved by cover. Finally, the Rangers try to put down the Stealth Suits, but this doesn't work either.

Chaos Turn 1

Ahriman gets Warptime off while his Rhino (with him and the Rubrics inside) manages a move through cover. The foot Marines move towards my parking lot, while his two Obliterators go 4" and 6" towards the other side of the board.

The melta guns of the foot Marines Stun my Rhino. Meanwhile, Ahriman sticks his hand out the top hatch of the Rhino and fires Bolt of Change at my Vindicare, which is nullified by cover. The squad of Marines with the rocket launcher fire at my Chimera, but this shot also does nothing. The Predator opens up on the Rhino, which renders both the gun and the tracks completely useless but still doesn't destroy it. The Obliterators, clearly under the influence of DoW Syndrome, fire at the Avatar, which does nothing.

Inquisition Turn 1

I pop smoke with my Chimera and Rhino and advance the Razorback to a position behind them. The Crusader mob in the Rhino gets out and moves up.

The Vindicare fires Turbo-Penetrator rounds at the Predator, but only stuns it. Sigh...this assassin seems to be more trouble than he's worth.

In combat, the Crusaders slam their massive shields into the Chaos Marines, losing 3 of their own but killing 5 Marines. Unfortunately for me, this is enough to make the CSMs flee, and I have no choice but to consolidate backwards to reduce my chance of being shot at.

Tau Turn 2

The Fireknife Shas'O comes in on the Chaos/GK half of the board, while the regular Crisis Suit moves back into a firing position. The Stealth team grabs the nearest cover save, while the depleted Fire team gets into the Devilfish for safekeeping, which then moves a bit further back. The bigger Fire squad move through their terrain a bit, and the Piranhas float closer to things they can shoot at.

(I really struggle to read 'Scape's notes, serves me right for being lazy.) In shooting news, the united laser pens and rapid-fire pulse rifles of the Fire Warriors and Pathfinders brings down the Avatar, doing an impressive six wounds on the T6 monster. The Piranhas and the Drones of the Piranhas near the Wraithlord fire at the large structure that wasn't rolling for Wraithsight (stupid, forgettable rule anyway, ignore it), and do nothing between them due to all fusion weapons being out of range. The Stealth Suits fire their burst miniguns at the Rangers, killing off 4 of them, with the last one failing his check and falling back. Having nothing better to do, the Hammerhead shoots the Wraithlord, causing one wound. The Fireknife Shas'O knocks a wound off my poor Vindicare.

I don't really need to tell you what happens in the Assault Phase now, do I (hint: Jet packing again)?

Eldar Turn 2

Basically, all skimmers go 12". the Ranger continues to retreat, and the Wraithlord and DAs continue to approach the Tau lines.

Hoping for the same luck as last turn, the DAs Bladestorm the Fire Warriors, which kills the Shas'Ui and 4 of his cohorts (who pass their check). The Wraithlord trains his Shuriken Cannon on the Pathfinders, but to no avail. Both the Falcon and Fire Prism target the Hammerheid once more, with the Falcon doing nothing and the Prism merely shaking the Tau vehicle. Finally, the Wave Serpent fires at my poor Vindicare again, but does nothing.

Having found itself within charge range, the Wraithlord rushes at the Pathfinders and kills 3 of them, enough to force them to fall back, something the huge blind monster anticipates who sweeping advances them.

Chaos Turn 2

Ahriman gets Warptime off again, while his Rhino reverses a bit and the foot Marines go closer to my Crusaders. In the ongoing Obliterator race, one moves 3" and the other moves 2", both going in the direction of the Wraithlord.

Ahriman unleashes his full psychic might on the Crusaders, doing nothing with Wind of Chaos and killing 1 with Doombolt. The foot Marines open up on the same squad, and kill 2 more, with the rest of the squad standing firm. The Missile Launcher guy in the other squad tries to crack open the Razorback, but this doesn't work. Both Obliterators fire at the Wraithlord, with the first lascannon failing to do anything and the second punching a large hole in the construct where its eyes should be, killing it for good.

Inquisition Turn 2

I get my Termies in, coming in near board centre. My Crussies advance back towards the Marines, but this is all my movement.

The Vindicare tries his luck on the Predator again, and does better than last turn, however because the result is 'Immobilised' I would have been better with a stun in all honesty. Coteaz and his lot within the Chimera unleash plasma death on the closest squad of CSMs, killing 8. The rest of my squads try desperately to do something to Ahriman's Rhino, but the best I get is shaking it with my psycannon Termie.

In combat, the Crusaders repeat their Turn 1 move against the CSMs. This time, one dies from both sides, resulting in lockdown.

Tau Turn 3

The twin fusion Shas'O enters the board, mishaps and is Delayed. The Piranhas move about a bit.

The remains of the Fire Squad and the Devilfish counter against the DAs, and kill 5 between them. The Gun Drones on the Piranhas also fire at the boys in blue, and wipe them out. Meanwhile, the Piranhas and regular Crisis Suit fire at the Prism, but only manage to stun it between them due to Holo-Fields. Finally, after a lot of back-and-forth, the Shas'O shoots the Vindicare for no apparent tactical reason, and kills it. I swear I'm sending that guy back to Assassin Camp.

By this point it's obvious to everyone what is done in the Tau Assault Phase.

Eldar Turn 3

While the lone Ranger (no pun intended) falls back, the other squad of DAs elects to get out of the Wave Serpent and move towards the Shas'O.

The Avengers fire at the Shas'O, and knock one wound off him, as well as killing a Shield Drone. The Falcon fires at my Termies to no effect, while the Serpent shoots the Devilfish, successfully blowing it up and killing the two Fire Warriors inside.

In assault, the DAs charge the Shas'O, with the Exarch managing to wound him once and kill the other Shield Drone. This allows the rest of the squad to kill the Shas'O, and then consolidate back towards board centre.

Chaos Turn 3

Ahriman casts Warptime again. The Obliterators move 4" and 3" respectively.

Ahriman tries Gift of Chaos on a nearby Crusader, but thankfully my steadfast fanatical templar doesn't become a pile of tentacles. Because it isn't actually used in Shooting, this leaves the Blue Mage free to Bolt of Change my Razorback, however he rolls 11 and actually fails a Psychic check for once. The Obliterators and Predator set to work decimating my parking lot, wrecking the Chimera and Rhino and stunning the Razorback. Thankfully, Team Coteaz is not pinned. The rocket Marine misses the Razor with his one shot.

Nothing dies in combat at all, due to the Crusaders's low attacks total and their 3++ Newblack Save.

Inquisition Turn 3

I get my Interceptors in, who shunt into board centre. The Terminators advance towards the Falcon. The Razorback casts Blatant Cheating  Fortitude, allowing it to ignore its Stun result.

The Interceptors fire their weapons at the DAs, killing 4 and forcing them to fall back 9" towards 'Scape's board corner. Coteaz' lot and the Razor fire at the Chaos Rhino, but this combined power only shakes it.

I charge the Falcon with my Termies. Hammerhand works, and the squad manages to destroy the Eldar Missile Launcher and shake the holo-fielded vehicle. My Crusaders manage to kill the one Chaos Marine they are locked with, and consolidate 6".

Tau Turn 4
The twin-fusion Shas'O comes on near where the previous one came in. Some advancing is done by many units.

The 2 Piranhas try to crack open the Serpent, but nothing happens. The few remaining Fire Warriors shoot the fleeing DAs but do nothing. Meanwhile, the 1 Piranha fails to harm the Prism, while Shas'O Version 2 has better luck, immobilising the vehicle. One Dire Avenger dies to Gun Drone fire, while the Hammerhead shoots submunitions at my Termies, which kills Thawn and also hits and kills an Interceptor. Oh, and then to add insult to injury, the Stealth team and Crisis Suit kill all the Interceptors except the Justicar (let's call him Jensen for reference reasons).

<sarcasm>The Tau charge everything possible and don't use Jet Packs.</sarcasm>

Eldar Turn 4

The Avengers rally and move into the board centre.

The Fire Prism fires on full beam at the Piranha and wrecks it. The Falcon tries its luck on my Terminators, and manages to kill one. The DAs fire at the Stealth team, but this doesn't work out for them. Finally, the Wave Serpent kills Jensen.

The DAs, unsatisfied with their shooting, try an assault instead, Funnily enough, it doesn't work, and the Stealth team gets Hit and Run off. The DAs can only consolidate a full 6".

Chaos Turn 4

Ahriman casts Warptime!. It didn't affect Ahriman!

The Oblits move 3" and 5" respectively, while the Ksons and their shiny master get out the Rhino and go objective nabbing.

Combined Obliterator fire immobilises the Serpent and blows its main gun off, but Ahriman misses it with Bolt and the Missile Dude fails to get to the damage chart. The Predator shoots the Razorback and destroys the lascannon.

The mighty fists of the Thousand Sons destroy the Shuricats on the Serpent, and then stun it for redundancy purposes.

Inquisition Turn 4

Thawn fails to pass his I'll Be Back roll. I move the Razor into range of the enemy and pop smoke, whilst Coteaz' lot go to my cornerstone terrain piece. The Terminators move closer to the GK vital objective.

Shooting time is spent running with Coteaz and my Crusader squad as I have nothing worth firing.

The Termies initiate a multi-charge against the Stealth team and the Avengers. I kill 2 Avengers at the cost at one of my own, but the one Termie attacking the XV25s fails to do anything. Hit and Run works, and the DAs fail their check and fall back, leaving my Terminators exposed. Damn.

Tau Turn 5

We declare this the last turn, and so the Fire team grabs the nearest objective. General moving is done by the Hammerhead and Crisis suits, while the Pirry Drones detach and move to board centre.

I lose a Crusader to the Shas'O's missile pod, while the Crisis Shas'Ui stuns the Falcon. The Gun Drones, Fire Warriors and Stealh Suits all shoot my GK Termies, but only the Stealth Suits kill one. The bad news it, it's the psycannon guy. The Hammerhead fires a block of blue energy at the Wave Serpent, and wrecks it. The Piranhas all fire at the Falcon, but all that does is destroy the Pulse Laser.

This turn the Drones and the Suits all go objective nabbing with their Jet Pack move.

Eldar Turn 5

Not a long turn this, as there isn't much the Eldar have left. The DAs fail to rally and fall back some more, and one whole Thousand Son is killed by a dispersed Prism shot.

Chaos Turn 5

Chaos hadn't lost too many units at all this time, and did much damage this phase. Ahriman left the Thousand Sons to go fight the Shas'O (with Warptime in working order again). He tries to turn the Tau leader into gibbering spawn and shoots Wind at him, but neither work. The actual combat results in the O'Shas losing a wound and staying locked.

Meanwhile, attempts to kill the other Suit go well, with the Predator killing the Gun Drone, the first Oblit whiffing and the second finishing the job. My last Termie dies to fire from the Thousand and One Dalmasons (shoot me now, you made it to the end of the batrep).

Inquisition Turn the Last

By this point, I can't win. Thawn isn't back up. I have no real influence, no shooting power (I tried using Coteaz on the Stealths, but I was out). However, at that point both K and P were winning, so I decided to make it more clear-cut (and stop me and 'Scape losing to two people).

The Crusaders charge and lock the Ksons, with no damage either side.

Overall Winner: King P again (does this make him Emperor P?)

A good game, if slightly dominated by grav-tanks and Chaos. I painted my Magnet Men, pics to follow.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


<Executing transfer protocol....all systems primed to copy-paste.>

It's been a while. Due to the sheer length of the battle report and my desire to learn Classical Greek from scratch as a crash Higher I have made slow progress, however the last turn should be done and dusted later today.

I have other, bigger news. You'll know about is soon. But I promise the change will be good, and it will give me my selling point closer to hand.

In the meantime, have a haiku or two:

Action Space Marines,
Buy all our playsets and toys,
35 quid each.

I've got five Flash Gitz,
F***, it's AP6.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Bullfrog All-Terrain Vehicle

Yep, this should carry 13 men all right.

Right, as promised here is the Bullfrog ATV, the go-to Disciple transport.

"And they shall go to war upon mighty behemoths of steel, wrought in factories devoted to Her name. They shall carry the Light with them, and disgorge its Children from its metal womb. No terrain shall impede them, for their four great feet carry with them the greatest sense of purpose possible for a vehicle to have."
                                                           - Book of Technology II, Cacophonies of Light.

Bullfrog ATV

A Bullfrog is a Dedicated Transport for a Disciples army.

Cost: 75

Composition: 1 Bullfrog

Type: Tank

Capacity: 13

Fire Points: 5 on the top.

Access Points: One on the underbelly. Simply move within 2" of any part of the vehicle.

Wargear: Four twin-linked Light Targeters.

Light Targeter: This is a defensive weapon that functions as either a Searchlight, or as a weapon with the following profile:

Range: 24"/ S:1/ AP: 2/ Type: Assault 1, Ignores all types of Save, including Cover and Feel No Pain.

Special Rules: Quadruped, Stable Platform

Quadruped: The Bullfrog is powered by four large legs that allow it to circumvent all terrain, however it is much slower than a regular tank. The Bullfrog ignores all Difficult and Dangerous terrain, however can only move 9" at Cruising Speed and cannot Tank Shock.

Stable Platform: Due to its propulsion system, passengers aboard a Bullfrog enjoy an easier ride, enabling them to fire more confidently on the move. All passengers aboard a Bullfrog count as Relentless, enabling them to fire heavy weapons on the move even at Combat Speed.

No options as of yet, but I'm sure I'll find some.

Anyway, I suppose I'd better show how this illustrates my points.

Aesthetics: This vehicle straddles the line between Tank and Walker (think a cross between a Rhino and an AT-ST), and is a 40k first in terms of how it handles terrain. I did consider adding the Lumbering rule from the Leman Russ but dismissed it as too random. Maybe it could be Lumbering in Difficult Terrain in a future incarnation, to bring it into line with infantry (sort of).

Typing: Nothing new here, it's a Tank. I did set out to make the first Walker Transport. but then decided against it because it can't really fight in combat. It's fine for War Walkers and Sentinels, who can easily balance on one leg for a while, but I think the Frog may collapse if it tried. Therefore, Tank was the logical choice, albeit with some modifications to show it's close to Walker status.

Armour, BS, Guns, Rules, The Little Things: These all feed into Bryss' Improvised Points Theory so I'll cover them in one blow. Remember, I class the Vindicator hull as 50. This goes up to 60 because of better back armour (good back armour seriously jacks up the cost of vehicles), but loses 5 for worse BS. I then add four searchlights (free), which are also fairly weak guns (65). I've already stated I cost 5 Fire Points as 10, so here we are at 75. Quadruped and SFP are free, because the former slows the vehicle a fair bit (and it is a Transport after all), and the latter is heavily influenced by what unit is in the vehicle. Plus, it seems a bit overcosted at 80, considering the makeup of 5th.

There are also the odd small touches here and there to diversify it. The capacity is 13 (for fluff reasons), it's an ATV, not an APC, that sort of thing. In addition, the Disciples are a mostly human army, so I needed to make this different from the typical plastic bricks the other human races use.

This is a plastic brick ON LEGS. Job done.

Apologies for the sticky-out table, I couldn't read it at the 'Large' size. I'm always open to suggestions to improve this, as it's my new pet army and all that. My next WIP hints is Veteran Elites, which I'm working on in conjunction with trying to write something that isn't a HFH article.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Hints for Homebrew: Vehicles

So wait, I can still upload single images and not multiples? Weird...

Disclaimer: Bryss' Improvised Points Theory is improvised. The costs I lay down are costs I think are close to the GW method whilst subtly improving it. It is not a definite theory by any means.

Vehicles are integral to 40k. From the plastic bricks you put your men in to the plastic bricks you shoot with, the vehicles of this game are many and varied. Sort of. To be honest, you can't do nearly as much with vehicles as you can with infantry, due to there being less variables involved overall. I suspect it may be hard to cover everything, but I will try my best, using my regular format. These hints mainly apply to designing a new race (like the Troops one was), but some of the principles could be applied to making one for an existing race.

1. Aesthetics: There are 125 combinations of vehicle armour (assuming limits of 10-14). Of these, any where the rear armour is better can be struck off, because a player could turn a 10-12-14 vehicle 180 degrees and use it like a 14-12-10. This is much less than the various infantry combinations and so when making a vehicle unique you have to consider what it looks like much more.

Example: If you make a box shaped vehicle that is 11-11-11, you've made a slightly better Rhino. If you make a more triangular vehicle that is 11-11-11, you have a Fire Arrow APC.

You'll notice I didn't say to always make the Front Armour better. This is because I think a case could be made for having better Side armour, and because you shouldn't always follow the GW norm.

Example: You decide your army should be mounted in futuristic airships with all the cannons located on the vehicle sides. Since this is the side you would typically present to your enemy, why shouldn't you have better armour on the sides?

Finding vehicle design inspirations isn't hard. A good place to look is finding clips of those old shows where people built robots with weapons and had them chop each other up (I have fond memories of watching Robot Wars as a child). Of course, your vehicles might be skimmers, or not armed with a hydraulic flipper, so designs can be modified as you see fit.

A final note on skimmers with wings. Don't worry too much about whether or not it would fly in real life unless you want to. 40k aircraft can be downright weird.

2: Typing: When you consider looks, you'll usually consider this as well. Vehicle classes can be split into two categories; General and Specialised. General categories are more about the base design, and Specialised categories put your vehicle into more of a niche, like so:

Examples: Tank and Skimmer both affect the looks of the vehicle and add general movement rules, so are General categories. Fast and Open-Topped are Specialised, as they turn a vehicle into something capable of outflanking quickly or a cheaper, fragile vehicle. Transport is of course the most Specialised of them all, adding an whole new ability to the vehicle. Walker is a special case as it is both.

Most of these things have been fused together at some point, however there are a few that are untouched. Of course, there is no requirement that your vehicle HAS to have any of these attributes at all.

Example: Look at the Ork Trukk. It is neither a Tank nor a Skimmer. If you removed the Open Top, Fast and Transport rules you still have a perfectly functional vehicle.

The typing should affect the cost of the vehicle, but not as much as the weapons, rules and armour facing. Using Bryss' Improvised Points Theory, I class all of them, excluding Walker, as 5 points each, except Fast, which is 10 if given to a Skimmer, and Transport, which gets more expensive the tougher the vehicle is.

Example: Using the 35 point Trukk as a base, it rises to 45 points if it was a Fast Skimmer, 40 if it was a Tank and a miniscule 20 if it had nothing but its Big Shoota.

3. Armour : This shouldn't take long. The armour values and BS make up the base points cost of the vehicle (if it isn't a Walker), to which you can add guns, class and special rules. The basic vehicle hull goes up to about 150 for 14-14-14, and goes down to 15 for 10-10-10 under BIPT. The midpoint of 12-12-12 is 75.

3.25: Guns: Gun costs are added at this same step, which is why this isn't point 4. There generally is no difference in points cost between infantry and vehicles so using wargear costs works well, sometimes at -5 to the original cost. If your vehicle spawns with a defensive weapon (or the equivalent of a Heavy Bolter), cost that as 5-10.

3.5: Special Rules: Like with Monsters, I cost them as I do for characters, usually between 10-20 depending on how beneficial they are.

3.75: The little things: Things like smoke launchers and searchlights should be assumed to be free in the same way as universal army special rules. Fire Points should be costed according to their number, my general caveat is 5 for 2 and 10 for 5. Any more than 5 and you should probably consider being Open-Topped instead unless you want to be more expensive and have the protection.

Example 1: The Raider. If we assume 15 for 10-10-10, add 15 for Fast and Skimmer and add the cost of a Dark Lance for Warriors, we get 55. Add 5 for capacity and we're there at the actual cost of 60. Note I haven't costed Open Top here. This is because at this level it greatly weakens the vehicle as well as strengthens it.

Example 2: The Rhino. If we assume 20 for 11-11-10, add 5 for the Storm Bolter, 5 for Tank, 5 for capacity and 5 for Fire Points, we get 40. Because I think the Rhino is underpriced, my theory still works.

Example 3: The Land Raider. If we assume 150 for 14-14-14, add 10 for the Heavy Bolter, 60 for the lascannons, 20 for Transport (including Assault Vehicle) and 10 for Power of the Machine Spirit, we get 250.

4: Ordnance: Ordnance weapons are unique to vehicles, and as such tend to be ludicrously expensive. They should really be S6, AP4 or better and cost no less than 20 points with no blast, 25 with small blast and 30 with large blast. Avoid going over 60, as that sort of cost is getting into the range of the overcosted already unless there is a good reason for it, or it is mounted on something with good armour.

Good Example: The Demolisher Cannon. Mounted on a fairly tough 115 point vehicle, its cost is made much lower by its short range, to about 65 mounted on a 50 point platform.

Bad Example: The Killkannon. Mounted on a fairly tough-ish 90 point platform, its cost is 5 less than my assumed Demolisher cost despite being weaker and having the same range.

5: Walkers: Walkers are strange to cost, and I can't even split them between those with Dreadnought weapons and those that don't, because there are too many exceptions. I can't use the vehicle version of BIPT on them, so have some general pointers:

The armour and free extras parts of BIPT still work, but that's it. Because Walkers have many of the stats of infantry, which are not costed per stat, their final cost is a lot more subjective. Use your gut.

When costing Dreadnought Close Combat Weapons, it should fall between 15 and 25. Bizarrely, GW seems to cost them based on Strength like with infantry even though the modified S is still 10. I would personally cost them based on WS and Attacks instead, as it is a fairer method.

Example: The Killa Kan is 55 with a DCCW and Kustom Mega-Blasta, and the Dreadnought 105. If we improve the Kan's armour, WS, BS and I to Dreadnough levels, I get to about 90, 95 if I make the KMB AP1. That's a 10 point difference between the two without changing Strength, so I have a feeling I may be right about the DCCW costing.

Gun prices should take about a 10 point drop if they replace a DCCW included in the base weapons of the Walker. If they replace a gun, the drop should only be 5-ish. Don't be scared to use numbers that are not a multiple of 5 if you feel it is right.

That's all for now. Like I did for Troops, I'll give an example vehicle from the very tentative Disciples of Sky experiment soon.

Bryssling is currently experiencing technical problems...

Apparently Blogger isn't keen on me trying to upload images right now, and so is messing it up each time I try. As a result, it may be a while before I can upload the images for the battle report. I will write it up in text for the time being and post it later this week.

In other news, I got the five As at Higher I wanted this year, so I'm quite pleased about that. In the meantime, I think I'll write another Hints for Homebrew since I quite like the concept.