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Grey Knight Magnet Men- The First Five are Painted!

I really shouldn't have to explain to you the subject matter of this post. Behold my amateur painting!

Justicar. Sword is an easy to do mix of Necron Abyss with Mithril Silver. The actual quantity I use varies, but generally you want more Abyss than Silver.

The "Proof They Are Magnetised"shot. Note that the pads without faux-Latin inscriptions have gold trim. I just prefer that to plain ol' silver.

This shot manages to fit Heavy Weapon Guy in. Storm Bolters are red for retro reasons.

Aand, Hammer Guy. Copious amounts of Badab Black were used in the production of these Knights. By my normal painting standards, I'm very satisfied with how they came out.

Coming soon-ish: Me pretending to be Clarkson in a review of the Sisters army, a "beer and pizza tactics" series, and more haiku poetry than you could ever need.

Inquisitorial Storm Trooper (R-End Edition?)

I don't know what to say right now. What I will say for sure is that it's been a dark month or two. The Sisters Codex is something I shall discuss soon, as my second Top Bryss. Although it won't be here that I do that, for reasons that I may or may not have to explain to you. And so, in honour of that which I won't mention yet, I give you this swansong. We all know what it is.

Oh, right, this has been heavily edited from the original. It's nice to do these edits once in a while.
A unit of Inquisitorial Storm Troopers is 80 points.
Inquisitorial Storm Troopers are an Elites choice in a Grey Knights army. If the army contains at least one Inquisitor of any kind (including Coteaz, Valerius and Karamazov), they are Troops.
This is the profile for the basic Trooper. A Sergeant has Leadership 9.

Unit: Sergeant and 4 Storm Troopers.
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Hellgun, close combat weapon, frag and krak grenades.
Add up to 5 Storm Troopers...+15 points each.
The entire …

4-Way 40k: The Rematch! Part 2

Part 1

The stage is set. The armies are deployed. The Inquisition player is really wishing he brought more guns. But enough of these minor gripes, as we return to....

The Last Ultimate 4-Way Mega Battle Challenge...Game...Thing...OF DOOM!

Oh, I made an error in the last part. Both of King P's Shas'Os are also preparing to Deep Strike.

Tau Turn 1

The Stealth Suits begin to advance to the board centre, as do the Fire Warriors that aren't in cover and the Crisis Battlesuit.

Using Dawn of War logic (kill the Relic unit first!) King P elects to fire at the Avatar with pretty much everything. The Stealth Suits are first to take a punt, but the one wound they inflict is saved. The Pathfinders light up the Avatar with their laser pens markerlights, but only one works. This dismal total of hits is doubled by the Fire Warrior Shas'Ui as he uses his markerlight, allowing the rest of the squad to wound the Avatar once. After some more awful shooting from all his units, King P's …


<Executing transfer protocol....all systems primed to copy-paste.>

It's been a while. Due to the sheer length of the battle report and my desire to learn Classical Greek from scratch as a crash Higher I have made slow progress, however the last turn should be done and dusted later today.

I have other, bigger news. You'll know about is soon. But I promise the change will be good, and it will give me my selling point closer to hand.

In the meantime, have a haiku or two:

Action Space Marines,
Buy all our playsets and toys,
35 quid each.

I've got five Flash Gitz,
F***, it's AP6.

Bullfrog All-Terrain Vehicle

Yep, this should carry 13 men all right.
Right, as promised here is the Bullfrog ATV, the go-to Disciple transport.
"And they shall go to war upon mighty behemoths of steel, wrought in factories devoted to Her name. They shall carry the Light with them, and disgorge its Children from its metal womb. No terrain shall impede them, for their four great feet carry with them the greatest sense of purpose possible for a vehicle to have."                                                            - Book of Technology II, Cacophonies of Light.
Bullfrog ATV
A Bullfrog is a Dedicated Transport for a Disciples army.
Cost: 75

Composition: 1 Bullfrog
Type: Tank
Capacity: 13
Fire Points: 5 on the top.
Access Points: One on the underbelly. Simply move within 2" of any part of the vehicle.
Wargear: Four twin-linked Light Targeters.
Light Targeter: This is a defensive weapon that functions as either a Searchlight, or as a weapon with the following profile:
Range: 24"/ S:1/ AP: 2/ Type: Assault …

Hints for Homebrew: Vehicles

So wait, I can still upload single images and not multiples? Weird...

Disclaimer: Bryss' Improvised Points Theory is improvised. The costs I lay down are costs I think are close to the GW method whilst subtly improving it. It is not a definite theory by any means.

Vehicles are integral to 40k. From the plastic bricks you put your men in to the plastic bricks you shoot with, the vehicles of this game are many and varied. Sort of. To be honest, you can't do nearly as much with vehicles as you can with infantry, due to there being less variables involved overall. I suspect it may be hard to cover everything, but I will try my best, using my regular format. These hints mainly apply to designing a new race (like the Troops one was), but some of the principles could be applied to making one for an existing race.

1. Aesthetics: There are 125 combinations of vehicle armour (assuming limits of 10-14). Of these, any where the rear armour is better can be struck off, because a player could …

Bryssling is currently experiencing technical problems...

Apparently Blogger isn't keen on me trying to upload images right now, and so is messing it up each time I try. As a result, it may be a while before I can upload the images for the battle report. I will write it up in text for the time being and post it later this week.

In other news, I got the five As at Higher I wanted this year, so I'm quite pleased about that. In the meantime, I think I'll write another Hints for Homebrew since I quite like the concept.