Who said Grey Knights suck in small games?

So here's the deal. Both Cyberscape7 and I started Grey Knights in two different ways. I went the 'core of henchmen' route, him the pure GK. Yesterday I played 700 points of his GK with both my ridiculously small Eldar force and my Exercitus. His list was:

Libby with Nemesis Daemon Hammer, psybolt ammunition, a shedload of powers
5 Termies including 2 pairs of falchions, a psycannon and Justicar Thawn
5-man Strike Squad with two halberds, warding stave and psilencer

On to summaries.

Game 1- Exercitus/GK

I brought Oclis and his shooty squad in a Chimera, 9 Crusaders in a Rhino, 8 Crusaders in a Rhino and my Vindicare. We played the First Contact scenario from Battle Missions with me as the Nids, with objective placement modified to three objectives near the centre. The team mascot gave Coteaz' unit better armour.

His squads ended up in zones 1 and 6, opposite each other. I brought on everything bar one Crusader squad in Turn 1, with the Vindi moving into cover and the two vehicles moving on 12" and popping smoke. In his turn, my Vindicare died horribly (again?!) and my Rhino asploded.

Next turn my other Crusaders arrived and rushed to the objective, and I cut down his Strike Squad to one man after firing my plascannon Servitors and Chimera on them and the last man fled. I tried to assault the Termies with my Crusaders. The squad was at 5 men after poor rolls for wounding in the explosion. 'Scape cast Sanctuary! It was super effective! 4 Crusaders died, and the last died in combat. So much for 3++ being the new black then...

His last PAGK rallied and hid for the rest of the game. The next game turns for the Termies consisted of them blowing up my Chimera, while I tried to kill him. Thankfully for me by game end I had to make his now depleted unit choose a unit to attack, and would have won with one objective regardless. Incidentally, Thawn never got back up.

Game 2- Eldar/GK

My army here was a Farseer with spear, stones, Doom, Guide and Mind War, ten Guardians with a Conceal Warlock and starcannon, ten DAs with two-gun Exarch and Bladestorm, five Pathfinders and two War Walkers, one with 2 EMLs and the other 2 Scatter Lasers. Mission was Capture and Control, Dawn of War deployment.

I started by deploying my Guardian squad, he put down his Strikes. I put both War Walkers in proper reserves and infiltrated the Pathfinders. We exchanged fire for a while, while my DAs came on and claimed my home objective. They did nothing else worthwhile all game, really.

His Termies and Libby had a mishap and were delayed until Turn 3, by which point the Strikes were dead. When they marched on, they slaughtered my Guardians, while my Farseer failed to Mind War their psycannon but Doomed the squad, while my Pathfinders ran for their lives to my central base at the objective. Even the Scatter Laser War Walker was casually brushed aside with Might of Titan, failing to hold off the squad as they charged my base, although I cut the squad size in half over the course of the game.

In this hard-fought skirmish, Thawn got back up and showed off his ability to change the dynamic of a small game like this, by claiming the objective in the GK deployment zone and staying out of range of me for a long while. The only reason I won was a lucky krak shot from my War Walker causing Thawn to fail a save in Turn 6 and not get back up in his turn (I went first).

Eldar of Lit-Han Craftworld thank Isha there was no Turn 7

Moral: Grey Knights are surprisingly good in small games. I shall have to tell this to the guy I fight in the Round X....Fight! series, who vehemently claims, among other things, that the GK 'Dex wasn't made for the humans, that Thawn and ranged Dreadnoughts suck and most importantly that GK can't possibly do small games and have a good chance of winning. By my estimation, the GK came damn close.

And to believe he's going to Throne of Skulls. Coming soon, more Exercitus shots, and I launch Project Moonside, an attempt to reverse the 40k rules inspired by a particularly bizarre narrative I GM'd recently.