Round Two: Fight!

Today I played two games. The second game was against Blood Angels at 1250, which was fairly hard-fought but I managed to do a last minute objective grab and killed everything bar one Libby. But that's not the main story.

No, the main story is whether or not I did any better against Grey Knights with my beloved Dark Eldar. Well, the answer is yes...and also no.

Y'see, today's game really highlighted why Kill Points as a mechanic sucks. His list was essentially the same as the last one, except he lost Psybolt Rounds on everything and got a Rhino for his Purifiers. Mine has been posted previously.

I killed his entire army bar his Grand Master, who spent the game cowering in a large castle, and his Storm Raven, which flitted about and shot me sometimes. He killed two Haemos, some Trueborn,a Raider, some Harlies, Malys, some Incubi and a Ravager. I still had 90% of my Kabalites, 2/3 of my Raiders, 3/4 of my Wyches and a Talos, and yet the mechanics dictate he won. I killed about 1250 points of stuff, he killed about 900. For once I actually see T'Leeks' point.

At least it was actually a fun game this time. My 10 Wyches killed 10 Termies single handedly (in a few turns) with some awesome shardnet technique, I found out what happens when Malys and 6 Incubi charge 10 Puries (it doesn't go well, even with Cleansing Flame Malys'd away) and my 40 Kabalite plan went rather well, although by the time I got all 40 on the only thing in range were the depleted Puries.

Issues? My Portal squads died horribly after I set them down, I forgot Malys's redeploy rule and went second and I still seem unable to pin down the Storm Raven. Fortitude! The moral of the story? Never let your opponent set up the terrain. Some Grand Master he turned out to be...

In more positive news, I have acquired my test 5 PAGK for magnetisation, acquired 100 magnets and realised I need half of them just for those 5. Oclis is painted, as is Malys, and I re-did an old Techmarine in Grey Knight colours. More on them soon.