Grey Knight Magnet Force- The Pilot

In 2011 Games Workshop released the plastic Grey Knights, a twenty quid kit with twenty billion configuration options. Now, a typical GW customer would need about 6-8 of these to create all the different available squads, but I've decided to have a play about with 2x1 magnets for the first time. It's not perfect since I am an amateur, but the results are as follows:

OK, the basics go like this. The heads are magnetised on all 5 so I can later acquire more helmets for white Purifier helmets. The arms go off on all but 1, front left. Centre back has had a two handed blade converted into a one-handed one for convenience. Weapons wise there are two psycannons in case I go Purgation. Currently I don't have enough shoulder pads for an all-sword basic loadout, so there will always be a special weapon.

I've magnetised the backpacks on all of them (it's a no-brainer). You'll notice Hammer Guy has no longer got a hammer, out of all my GKs he is the only one to have magnetised hands. This means I can swap him between sword and hammer.

Incidentally, the box at the back is there to a) prove I don't have an Aston and b) add a bit of high-class imagery to the Grey Knights. To me, GKs are Astons, Blood Angels are Ferrari and Ultramarines are...Ford. Because according to statistics they are common, and VW was far too German for a British built wargame.

When Hammer Guy doesn't want either hammer or sword, he goes Warding Stave. I put this in just because I could, and it might come in useful some day.

These guys will first see use...tomorrow, as Interceptors, as I play 4-way 40k again. If you're lucky I'll bat-rep it.


Warflake said…
I still am yet to try magnets.
This will change when I start to build my Chapter Master, I'm gonna magnetize the hell out of him haha.
Master Bryss said…
Hint: try not to lose them, and be patient. It's especially frustrating when the glue sets in and you realise the wrong side is facing up, so try not to lose track of polarity either. A lot can go wrong with magnets, apparently. :)