The Exercitus hits 1000!

Yep. The Exercitus Hereticus, an army plan that's been with me since starting this blog, has reached the grand total of 1,019 points (more if I borrow my Space Marine Land Raider and claim it's Admech driven). Well, it would be a nice, round 1,049 if I had two more GW-legal Crusaders, but since my other two Crusaders are in fact Aragorn and Boromir with some new armour they are for home games only. On to the pictographs!

One of the 9-man Crusader Squads. Each has a Rhino for transport. Now, I know what you're thinking. Bretonnian Men-At Arms are indeed 16 in a box (which made this conversion a bargain, the only work needing done was GS wiring on the pole-arms.). The two extra are in fact Valkyrie crewmen with Space Marine power swords and storm shields. You can just make out one in squad centre. They serve as leaders in the army background.

Here you see my shooty squad, which is in desperate need of more men and a cover save. Varan Oclis, my Countseaz, lives in this squad, which also features an orange monkey, some evil Plasma Cannon Servitors, (one of whom looks familiar somehow...) and a C-Beamer Techmarine who hangs out with them too, which I repainted from it's old terrible scheme I did as a 12-year old youth. Seriously, I've waited 5 years for something to use that model for, and now he has his place. I'm so happy. This unit has a choice of either a Razorback or Chimera as a transport.

Incidentally, on the far left you can make out a thin, grey blob. That's my Vindicare. He's rather nondescript, which is how he should be. Now for some of my favourite models in the army:

When we last saw Crusader Aeneas he was grey. Now he isnt. That green blob on his mate is the wiring, which was the first GS work I ever did and hence isn't the best. The blades were done in my favourite paint mix, metallic blue from Necron Abyss and Mithril Silver.

The very sinister, very moody SV-01 (SV-02 has a number too, but on his back). Notice
he hasn't got any human flesh left. I don't care about Servitor fluff, he looks awesome. I really struggled to find a third colour, then decided to re-use the black/white motif on my Admech- associated units.

Team mascot.

What? That's the whole point of monkeys, isn't it? More Exercitus shots coming soon, plus painted Malys.