4-Way 40k: The Rematch! Part 1

Remember the last time I did this I said it was the last time I would do such a thing? I lied. We managed to squeeze in another one. Here is the introduction.

The Last Ultimate Final Battle 4-Way Challenge...Game...Thing.

Scenario: Same one as last time. 4 objectives in a rectangle in board centre. Any unit can score. The objective furthest away from the player's deployment zone is their Vital Objective and is worth 2 points to them and them alone.

Armies: This time the armies were 1250 a side, with me using the Exercitus with some borrowed Grey Knights from 'Scape, who used his Eldar. Twin K used Chaos again. Meanwhile, in honour of his victory last time, Twin P became King P, who used Tau again. The lists were:

Master Bryss' Exercitus Ordo Hereticus (with Grey Knight support): 1249
Varan "Countsy-as" Oclis
2 Storm Bolter Warriors, 2 Plascannon Servitors, Jokaero (rolled better armour) in a Chimera
10 Crusaders in a Rhino
6 Crusaders in a Las-Plas Razorback
5 Terminators with 2 pairs of Falchions, Halberd, Psycannon and Anval Thawn
Vindicare Assassin
5 Interceptors with psybolt ammo, Psycannon and Hammer

Cyberscape7's Eldar: 1251
Avatar of Khaine
10 Dire Avengers with two-gun Exarch and Bladestorm
10 Dire Avengers with shimmershield Exarch and Defend in a Wave Serpent with twin-linked Bright Lances and Spirit Stones
5 Rangers
5 Howling Banshees with Mirrosword Exarch with both powers
Falcon with Eldar Missile Launcher and Holo-Fields
Fire Prism with Holo-Fields
Wraithlord with Wraithsword and Shuriken Cannon

Twin K's Chaos Marine: 1249
9 Thousand Sons including Sorceror with melta-bombs and Doombolt, in a Rhino with extra armour.
15 Chaos Marines with 2 melta guns
10 Chaos Marines with missile launcher
1 Obliterator
1 Obliterator
Predator with lascannon sponsons

King P's Tau: 1250- ish
Shas'O with plasma rifle, missile pod, multi-tracker and 2 Shield Drones
Shas'O with twin fusion blaster, missile pod, hard-wired multi-tracker and 2 Shield Drones
8 Fire Warriors inc. Shas'Ui with markerlight
7 Fire Warriors inc. Shas'Ui with markerlight and Marker Drone
3 Stealth Suits with targeting arrays and Shas'Vre with bonding knife
Crisis Suit with plasma rifle, missile pod, targeting array, hard-wired multi-tracker and Gun Drone
6 Pathfinders in a Devilfish with disruption pods
2 Piranhas with fusion blasters and disruption pods
Piranha with fusion blaster and disruption pods
Hammerhead with railgun, smart missile system and disruption pods

Pre-Game: Turn order was P, 'Scape, K and then me. Everyone bar me deployed all their units, while I chose to reserve my Interceptors and Deep Strike my Termies (read: half my shooting power).

Part 2

Part 2 will come...soon...ish, as will the rest of the links for the RM page.