WIP Progress- Vect, Malys, Coteaz and Vect

Some progress made on many fronts. Vect has had his robes and staff done:

I know many people hate the old Archon, but I'm quite fond of it. The previous configuration was a bit past its time so he shall now serve as my ancient RetroVect. It's like he's still stuck in third edition, along with most of the army. To Malys:

I decided in the end to stick the sword in the other hand and use the fan as an accessory, mainly to be done freehand. Some suitable hair has been GS'ed and a crown found in Ye Olde Corsair Sprue found in any good DE army. Although still static, it looks like it could be used as a chess queen, which was the desired effect.

Sick and tired of me proxying him in every game, 'Scape bought me this as half my birthday present. He was in fact my first experiment with Green Stuff, which is limited to a simple hood done with a Bolter and Chainsword tutorial and replacing the eage with a snake, later given wings, from Khalidah's pole. Redubbed Varan Oclis, he will (read: has to) serve as the leader of my Excercitus Hereticus. Speaking of whom:

Here's two of the twenty Crusaders I now have in the army. The majority have power halberds with new wiring, while a lucky two got swords and proper names. The one on the right is Aeneas (I had to have one), who defends himself with an Imperial Guard tank hatch with a fleur-de-ly on it to emphasise his Hereticusness.

Incidentally, the other one with a name is Gordius, so called because he's based off the fat musician. I have no clue what I am going to do next.