More General Housekeeping/ A Rival Appears!

Today's post is fully typed with two hands once more, as the vile hell-spawned abomination you see now (and the equally damed smell) is no more. You also get to see me....sort of, I'm still a faceless entity but now you know I do indeed have a left hand.

You may have also noticed I've found a better camera, which means decent pictures. And as a further bonus, the banner has been updated with a new texture (chipboard). The main implications of this are that I shall be getting my paint out once more, so you get to see my amazingly average painting skills. Well, at least you will once I have restocked my washes.

In other, equally good news an old friend is returning here for summer with his amazingly purple Vulkan-based army. Details of what I shall face are hazy, but the definites are:

  • Vulkan

  • 2x 5 Sternguard with combi flamers

  • Some TH/SS Termies

  • 4 Drop Pods

Obviously there shall be troops also, and depending on how much he can get from Singapore to here maybe some other vehicles. However, the Pods take up most of that space.

I shall send against him my Stolen Soul Kabal (which is undergoing fluff revision to become Corsairs), and a few things are influencing my plan of action (which I'm confident he won't read here).

Vect. He's been mentioned about seventeen times this last week, and I want to use him. So he's going in the 1750/2000 list, but maybe not the 1500 as I can't work him in there. Lists will no doubt be my usual scalable misfits affair, with an influx of one whole Venom in July, maybe.

With all due respect, my opponent is skilled and yet at the same time not the brightest tool in the box. Chances are he isn't going to drop empty Pods, which means I'm playing more of a reserves game to survive.

I'm going all 3rd edition again and putting on Nights over Flickers. I don't see the use of Flickers here when careful moving and general cleverness will be enough. Knowing his army, he might bring the sniper scouts, but that's about the only thing over 24". Unless the twin-auto Dread makes it in, and it's not a full Rifleman like the Interamericanet loves so much.

What started out as a stub evolved a bit. I may even put some army lists up soon.