Casual List Building- Contra Vulkanem

(Am I supposed to use the accusative for this? I haven't seen a word of Latin since the exam...)

Right, after a long hard think I've decided just what I'm going to use as a start point against the Drop Vulkan army that is inbound in my beloved country some point in the next two weeks. As I mentioned before, I'm going to be using my Dark Eldar, simply because I'm best with them out of all 10-ish of my armies (Imperial Guard a close second, but I haven't used them in ages).

Because I'm not 'competitive' in the interamericanet sense, my process of construction is very different. Most of the time I work with no brief. I don't build lists months in advance, and I don't practice before proper use. This time I have an idea of what I'm up against, which is having a lot of influence on my thoughts, but casual tailoring is like a custom-made hoodie. Yes it's more comfortable to wear, but high-end armies look at you, and you're still wearing a hoodie. Make sense? No? Good. Here's the list at 1750:

Master Bryss' Soul Stealers - 1746
Aurelia Malys
2x Haemonculus with liquifier gun and webway portal
9 Trueborn with 2 cannons and 7 carbines in a Raider with night shield
5 Incubi in a Raider with night shield
5 Harlequins with 2 kisses, a Shadowseer and a Jester
2x 20 Kabalites with blaster and 2 splinter cannons
10 Wyches with 2 shardnets and a Hekatrix with agoniser in a Raider with night shield
Ravager with 3 lances, night shield and flickerfield

At 2000 I get an extra Incubus, replace Malys with Vect and get 5 Reavers. At 1500 I get an extra Incubus and lose 10 Kabalites and the Trueborn, with the depleted Kabalites inheriting the Raider. Here's the idea:

1. Enemy Deployment: For my opponent the concept of the reserves game doesn't exist, and he's got 4 Pods, meaning he'll have to drop 2 right away. I need to drop 2 Portals in that time as well, which means hiding one in a Raider (probably with the Incubi) and the other with the Harlies. I expect the Harlies to die horribly unless I go first, but if I go second they might succeed in drawing one Pod away from the other Portal, so I should get one down. Either way I don't plan on starting with more than 2 units on the board.

2. HQs: Both HQs lend some support in different ways. I either have Vect to maximise the chances of me getting both Portals down, or Malys to mess with the positioning of his other units and draw long-range fire away from me. She also gives me the option of abandoning Plan A and just reserving everything. They can both go with the Incubi because I'm third edition like that.

3. Nights over Flickers: It's Vulkan. This speaks for itself.

4. Unit Composition: I don't have the Raiders for everyone. Considering the merry hell one 20-man squad let loose on my MRSU (Multiple Random Small Units) Coteaz list, two should douse his Marines in enough splinters to ensure they die horribly. The Wyches are there to tie up....whatever I determine needs tying up. Termies come to mind.

Yes, the list is terrible by net standards. However, no amount of efficiency can compare to being able to read an opponent and being incredibly clever with your tactics.

Next week is dominated by relaxation in a foreign country. After that I'll get the Badab Black out and paint those damn Crusaders.