Brainstorming- Lady Malys from Khalidah

I quite like Lady Malys as a concept. She's essentially the Anti-Eldrad, immune to psychic while gaining that nifty redeploy. I've wanted to do a Malys for a while, thought long and hard about the source and decided I wasn't going to go the Vampire route. Then I saw Khalidah's awesome repaint:

If this doesn't work as a Malys, nothing will. It also fits well with my mental view of her, which is excellent because I'm a novice converter and want to keep as much of the original model as possible.

Here's the plan. I originally started this in January, with the aim of replacing the snake (which found its way onto a certain Imperial model) with a pole-arm. The steel fan would fit snugly on the arm with the elongated finger. But it looked wrong somehow, and the fan was a bit on the small side.

So, new plan. Below is a mock-up of the new steel fan on manly pink cardboard:

Blurry (blame Apple) but you get the idea. I want to get rid of the stick and have the fan pointing inwards (>). The silly head-crest is to be removed and in place some proper hair will be installed (a good tutorial appreciated here). The visible bone will be covered with a mask in the Wych vein, whic should be easy enough to GS.

The last hurdle I face is the Lady's Blade. I have no idea what the best way would be to point it. Finding/making a suitable sword will be simple considering the sheer size of my bitz box, but help on the direction would be nice.

More brainstorming on the way for aforementioned Imperial model. Actual proper modelling will take place when I have full use of both my wrists and am not limited in how I hold a model.


Sorrowshard said…
Erm, avatars of war essentially makes Malys .... go see
Master Bryss said…
Erm, I haven't yet found a local third party store I can get to to use that admittedly rather pretty model in. This is Scotland, where the concept of using a gw is a far less harrowing process than it's made out to be. But thanks to you anyway for giving me ideas for the sword.