Time Warp- 1250 Coteaz v. Dark Eldar

Cast your mind back to the hazy days of April, when the GK weren't out long and I still hadn't twigged I could still use Witch Hunter ISTs. In those hazy days I had my second game with my ragtag Coteaz force against 'Scape, who felt compelled to try out my Dark Eldar force. It was a Sieze Ground, 3 objectives and....1250 points?! Remember, I hate the 'I want five of everything!' attitude and believe smaller games to be more tactical. I had to use:

Master Bryss' Exercitus Ordo Proxius
Inquisitor Countsyas (using the old Master Bryss model for him)
Techmarine with conversion beamer (hastily blu-tacked that very day)
Callidus Assassin
Vindicare Assassin
5 Warriors with grenade launcher counts as or real storm bolters, 2 Plascannon Servitors (with Countsyas and the techie)
10 Warriors with 7 HS lasguns and 3 plasma guns in a Chimera
4 Crusaders in a Lasplasback
4 Death Cultists and 2 Banishers (4 Hormagaunts and 2 CSMs)
Redeemer with multi-melta

Not to be outdone in the 'put a fifth of your army in one model' stakes, 'Scape brought:

Cyberscape7's Master Bryss' Kabal of the Stolen Soul- 1250

The Phoenix Lord Drazharhra, Master of Blades
5 Incubi in a Flicker Raider
13 Wyches inc. 2 hydra gauntlets
10 Kabalites with splinter cannon in a dual-field Raider
10 Kabalites with splinter cannon and Sybarite in a dual-field Raider
20 Kabalites with 2 splinter cannons and Sybarite
Cronos with spirit probe

Yep, none of us will be passing no litmus test anytime soon. Admittedly I do think he needed more than three anti-tank weapons, but then again I had exactly that number for years and still won or drew against vehicle-heavy armies. Tactics> lists in the fun stakes.


I was the first to arrive, and I deployed as below, with only the Callidus in reserve. The Vindicare infiltrated into the Bolstered black ruin (2+ cover!). Coteaz and co. snag an objective.

'Scape deploys his big squad, his Cronos and the leaderless cannon Kabalites. Taking a leaf out of my normal Drow game, he reserves all else.

Turn 1

I get the Death Cult into the Redeemer and cruise with it and the Chimera, while the Razor trundles upfield at combat speed.

The Vindicare shoots Turbo-Pen at the Cronos, but fails to wound. So I try the lascannon, which misses. The twin Assault Cannon has no better luck.

'Scape moves the Cronos 6" through cover, does a flat-out outflank manoevre with the Raider and has the big squad of Kabalites walk then Run 5".

The Cronos isn't in range of the Vindi.

Turn 2

No sign of the Callidus. So I move all my tanks at combat speed.

I use a Conversion Beamer for the first time ever, and kill 1Kabalite from the big squad. The Vindicare gets one wound on the Cronos with Turbo-Pen, but the rest of my shooting is ineffectual.

In return, he gets Drazhar going in flat-out with the Incubi Raider. The other Raider continues outflanking and his big Kabalite team secure an objective with a 3" run, tying the score. The Cronos charges forward 5" out of cover.

Said Cronos uses the Spirit Vortex and then tries to charge the Vindicare, neither of which work.

Turn 3

I get the Callidus in, who kills 3 Kabalites with polymorphine. Other movement consists of one pivot from the Redeemer.

The Vindicare shoots Drazhar's Raider, scores a defenite-pen, and then laments as the Cover Save is passed. Now able to use both its guns, the Razorback manages to kill the Cronos. I shoot the Plasma Warriors and the Redeemer at the new Raider, but it holds as firm as stubborn cardboard. Frustrated, I shoot the other Raider with Coteaz's team, and destroy it with the Conversion Beamer. I then use the Chimera on the contents, and kill 1.

'Scape gets his last Raider to cruise in at the top-right. The Incubi unload and eye my unpainted sniper, while the large Kabalite squad gangs up on the Callidus.

I then proceed to lose 3 storm bolter Warriors, both my Assassins and the twin-linked plasma gun off my Razor to a combination of shooting and assault, although the basically unarmed Vindi puts up a good enough fight to kill one Incubus, the best he's done all game. It's paradoxical, this whole 'sniper units are good at combat' me and 'Scape have between us.

Turn 4

I move all my tanks again at combat speed.

The Land Raider trains a Flamestorm at the Incubi and manages to clip their Raider in the process. 4 Incubi die and the cardboard is destroyed. Drazhar Feels No Pain, with his recently acquired Token. Buoyed by my success I try to multi-melta the other Raider, which doesn't work. The Razor manages to stun it though. The Chimera tries to heavy bolter the Warriors. I really should have fired the multi-laser, as they shrug it off with Feel No Pain gained from the poor Callidus. Equipo de Torquemada kills the entire Kabalite squad closest to them with their blast weapons.

'Scape gets his Wyches on near the red ruin, while the big Kabalites run for cover. The only Kabalites with a transport get off and move to cover. Assorted Running is done to get people closer to things, usually cover.

Drazhar delivers a Heavy Punch (Mantis) to the Razor and it asplodes, killing one Crusader within. He then runs away 4".

Turn 5

I rush his objective with my transports and unload. The Crusaders embark on a suicide mission. What a fluffy bunny I am.

I then shoot the Wyches with the Warriors and kill 3, and 2 more die to the Assault Cannon. They fall back 7"...for now. No more effectual shooting happens.

Continuing their bunny suicide mission, the 3 remaining Crusaders kill 2 Kabalites, but lose one of their number first. They stay locked.

The Wyches regroup and the Raider floats back.

All the Plasma Warriors die to masses splinter fire. This is the only effectual shooting.

In combat, I lose another Crusader, as Drazhar has charged in by now and killed one with a Light Punch (Crane). The last guy manages to kill a Kabalite. The Wyches charge the Death Cult, who lose 2 DC and both Banishers, but kill the same number back. I'm impressed!

There is a Turn 6

The Chimera pivots and I move the LR slightly.

I kill 2 Kabalites from the big squad with the Beamer, and another 2 with fire. The Chimera does nothing.

Combat doesn't go well. The last Crusader dies to a Light Kick (Crane) and the two remaining Death Cultists die, only killing 1 Wych back. And he'd have won the game too, if...

There wasn't a Turn 7- but there was.

Which I promptly used to park my Chimera on his just-claimed Wych objective. That's really all that matters about Turn 7. In 'Scape's defence, he tried to Lance my Chimmy, but in true 'one shot at S8' style, he missed. My curse extends to him!

And so it was a draw after all.

Post-Game Battle Awards

Units of the Match: Techmarine for me, 20 Kabs for him.

Best Massacre: Anything ever shot at by aforementioned Kabalites.

Best Tactical Move: The simplest one, plowing forward.

Worst Mistake: General Cronos use.

Best List: His, owing to mine being a mess. Yes, I know, I'm evaluating list building which I generally believe should be ignored in favour of practical testing, but it's good to know his impression of what my armies look like. Except I'd have used Lelith and a Ravager.

I need to get me some Death Cultists. More stuff inbound in the future.