My Finecast Review

What will your first Finecast model be? Well, because I'm casual like that, I decided to complete my Harlequin Power Trio and buy a Death Jester. It's a cool model. Badass longcoat, BFG, skull mask, like a Maugan Ra groupie really. So, here's the verdict.

Packaging was easy enough to clip open, and the model came out of the sprue like a plastic. There was a massive blob on the back...which I found out was part of the sculpt after some Googling, so that's fine(cast). So, does my new Jester eliminate my bugbears of metal? Well:

Does it fit into the bloody base?: Maybe this is just me, but I have to file off the lettering on the tab to get metals in. The Jester was far easier to file, and isn't likely to come out.

Does it glue with no prayer required?: The Jester is two-piece, and there were no issues. I'll get back to this when I get a Kustom Field Mek at some point (things Bryss has wished for in this blog count: several).

Does it break?: I dropped it twice at heights of 53" and 72" (approx.) onto the carpeted floor of my games room, and it lived. The actual table is lower, so I've got faith, and my local GW uses carpet of similar thickness.

Does it chip?: Why am I asking this when I clearly haven't painted it yet? Wait till the cast's off, then I'll charge ahead with painting.

Would I buy more resin?: I'll have to if I ever want a finished Eldar force.

Next time, a rival appears! Do I have the skills and jamminess required to beat his Drop Vulkan list with my Dark Eldar? I have one Ravager, so the internet would say no...


Warflake said…
I'm looking forward to picking me some finecast up sometime soon.