General Housekeeping

Alright, erected an imagey banner, instead of the text one. Added links to connect all parts of the bat-rep and sorted out some of the iffy format.

Progress on the actual modelling of the Exercitus is coming along nicely. Expect WIP shots of Countsyas and my Brettonian Crusaders shortly. I'm going to try writing a shortish fiction piece to flesh out the army a little more. All I know of it right now though is the title, "The Taming of the Snake."

In other news, with my newly found ability to use Green Stuff, I shall be converting up a Genestealer/Ravener hybrid to serve as Deathleaper.

And the new Venom is wow. Mainly becase it's bloody cheap monies for such a good vehicle. I'm getting 2. When I'm, y'know, in pocket again. Between that and wanting to actually model the Soul Prison using the new Talos and a Wraithlord...