4-Way 40k: Post Game Analysis

In hindsight, the Predator did quite well.

Part 1

Part 2

So that's how you do 4-way. Cram 4 people into a medium sized room, get just the right amount of points each side and it should all go rather well. The picture above shows who we all nominated for our respective models of the match. Twin K failed to nominate and hence gets a piece of paper.

Stealth Shas'Vre: Somehow managed to out-cover abuse the rocket Scout. It didn't help that I always use the Planetstrike rules for Aegis lines and he got a 2+ but I also fired far more shots at it than P did at that Scout.

Freaky Fish Guy: I know the Incubi did well but you expect that from them. The reason I nominated this drow is simple. With their splinter cannons, the other two Trueborn dropped 2 suits, but then did nothing all game. The only time I used the gun on FFG, he killed something. This gives him an 100% success rate. He's gettting his name on his base when I paint it.

The Ven Dread: Yes, I told 'Scape the rocket Scout was the better nomination. Then I was reminded that the Ven Dread killed a whole squad of Daemons with no hands, and promptly shut up. He was pivotal in distracting at least a third of K's army.

Would I do this again?: Feth yes, it beats three-way by a country mile. It helps that my scenario encouraged daredevil recklessness to snag that Vital Objective. Apart from Tau Turn 1, there was no obvious target bias, and everyone shot each other equally, which is incredibly important in 3+ faction games

Still to come: the second outing of my rag-tag Inquisition army, I outline my plans for the combined forces of the Excercitus and the Disciples of Sky, and I try using Green Stuff for the first time,with mixed results.