4-Way 40k: Inaugural Battle Report, Part 2

Previously on Bryssling, I wonder whether I should have been so ambitious, some things explode and, out of shot, I wear a dressing gown. But that's enough of Top Gear. Onto the battle!

Part 1

Tau Turn 2

The other Shas'El gracefully descends behind the Chaos Rhino headed my way (the one I rolled snake eyes on last turn). The lone Piranha runs away at Ludicrous Speed. The other Tau commander likewise runs back while the Devilfish inches forwards.

The Pathfinders aim their evil laser net at the Reavers, which is promptly utilised by the Fire Warriors to massacre the entire squad, even though they only used half the tokens. The Hammerhead stuns the Raider, while the Devilfish kills off the last sniper in the rocket Scout squad. Other effective shooting this phase includes the Stealth team knocking 2 wounds off the Prince and the fusion 'El immobilises and stuns the Chaos Rhino closest to it.

Jump-shoot-jump tactics occur on all marks of suit.

Dark Eldar Turn 2

The Ravager comes in at the midway point on my table half to ensure a shot at a certain something while the Trueborn run in the direction of cover as they come on.

The Trueborn douse the Stealth suits in firepower, thanks to their Night Vision, and claim all bar the Shas'Vre, who holds firm. Then I roll for triple lances, and the results speak for themselves.

Double 6 to pen, priority target: eliminated. The guys on the stunned Raider miss with their dark lance, shooting the fleeing Piranha.

Chaos Turn 2

One squad of 7 Daemons and one of 5 are summoned to fight. The Prince goes for the bitey fish again, while the melta Marines get out of their Rhino to engage the Shas'El.

Aforementioned Rhino self-repairs, while the previous occupants kill a Shield Drone. The Predator fires at the Vennie, and both arms fall off.

Chaos combat involves Lesser Daemon charges. The Notletters (7) kill all the Scouts and the Libby and co fail to wound, resulting in him falling back. The Nothorrors (5) kill the other Shield Drone on the Shas'El, but his superior CPC training (despite being Japanese) allows him to kill a Horror. The Prince of Change destroys a Biteyfish in his muderous just-as-planned rampage, and stuns the other one.

Ultramarines Turn 2

The Librarian rallies. The ten man Tactical squad gets out of their Rhino and moves to behind the nearby ruin. The melta Combat Squad, no longer pinned, go to the nearest objective.

The other Combat squad uses a frag missile and bolts on the Notletters but don't kill any. The Librarian unleashes Machine Curse and rips the autocannon off the Predator. The now lone Rocket Scout kills a Pathfinder and a drone with a frag rocket thanks to scatter. However, all this pales in comparison to the mighty melta Combat Squad, who manage to kill the half-HP Tzeentch Prince with their bolters.

In a blatant disregard of rules, we decide the Vennie is awesome enough to multi-charge on his own (hey, I am an RM author) and he promptly does so, killing in total 2 Notletters and tying up the Chaos Marines.

Tau Turn 3

The now Mon'At Stealthie takes the blue objective, while the rest of P's forces slowly advance.

The fleeing Piranha stays still and shoots the Ravage...no wait, it didn't, Night Shields saved me. However, his Shas'El with the fireknife manages to bypass my fields and immobilises it (only moved 6", phew). The Devilfish shoots the lone Scout, and he lives. Guided by the light of the Pathfinders, the Fire Warriors and Gun Drones team up and wipe out the heroic Combat Squad.

The Shas'El in combat suffers a wound but kills 3 Daemons in return (1 from No Retreat saves). More jumping happens.

Dark Eldar Turn 3

Aand enter the Incubi, who go flat out into the centre. The three Trueborn make it to cover, while my other Raider moves towards the Stealthie.

8 splinter cannon shots rocket into the Mon'at, who goes to ground and lives. The Ravager lances the nearest boil (the lone Piranha), which explodes and kills 2 Pathfinders.

Chaos Turn 3

Daemonottes come in next to the locked CSM squad.

The Predator fires lascannon beams at the speeding Raider, which dodges spectacularly well.

I did try a motion shot about 17 times, but failed in all cases to do it justice. In assault the melta CSMs pile into the Shas'El, who gets bogged down in power armour and dies. The Vennie kills 2 Daemons more, and the Daemonottes charge the Librarian, who kills one of them, takes no wounds and kills another from No Retreat.

Ultramarine Turn 3

The ten-man squad moves to assist their leader.

The Loyalist Rhino, not to be outdone by its Chaos brethren, repairs itself, while the surviving Combat Squad stuns the Incubi Raider. Then this happens:

No explosion this time, and the Fire squad is not pinned. An awesome display from the up-and-coming initiate.

The Vennie continues to whittle down the Notletters by 2, and the Tactical squad charges and manages to kill the Daemonotte squad taking no casualties.

Tau Turn 4

The exposed Fire squad rushes for cover. Gun drones move to the DE objective, while the Piranha left goes flat out to contest the Tau Vital Objective. The Shas'El is still doing his JSJ thing.

The Combat squad gets 2 markerlight tokens from the Fire Shas'Ui and the Pathfinders. Two of them then die to Pulse Rifle shots. The 7-man Fire team shoots the lone Scout, who refuses to die. The Gun drones manage to Stun the Incubi Raider again.

Aforementioned squad then gets to contesting range of my objective.

Dark Eldar Turn 4

I get my last Reserves, who boost on 24". The Incubi and Haemonculus disembark and move towards the Tactical squad.

I unleash the Liquifier gun, but it only gets AP6 and kills 1 Marine. 2 more Pathfinders are killed by the Ravager. With a mighty 13 shots of poison fire, the Trueborn do a devastating 0 Wounds to the Mon'At Stealthie. Not content, I unleash the nearby embarked Kabalites too...who do exactly the same thing. This suit refuses to die.

In their debut combat, the Incubi kill 4 Marines and knock a wound off the Libby. In return, I lose an Incubus and the Librarian drains the life from the Haemo with his force weapon. We stay locked.

Chaos Turn 4

Not content with the head of the Shas'El, the melta Marines go gunning for my new Raider.

Melta fire kills nothing due to Flat Out Save. The only effective Chaos Shooting is when the Predator makes the stunned Raider do that 'explode' thing that's happened so much, which kills a nearby Gun Drone.

The one remaining Not-horror charges the Piranha and misses. The Ven Dread lashes out and misses. The melta Marine assault my Raider, get a few hits in but do no damage.

Ultra Turn 4

The Rhino dashes 12" forward and pops smoke. The Raider that wasn't assaulted receives attacks from the lone Scout, who misses, and the ML Combat Squad. This is the only point in the game where I actually pass a Flickerfield save.

In combat, I lose no Incubi, who mop up 2 Tactical Marines and the Librarian. I consolidate back to the hotly contested DE objective.

Tau Turn 5

The Pathfinder Shas'Ui, alone at last, goes into cover. Other stuff moves forward, while the Piranha stays still.

The 8-man Fire Team unloads into the Scout...who survives, however the Green Earth army surprises him and the 7 man Fire Team manages to kill him off. The Shas'El and Gun Drones shoot the Incubi, which goes badly, as they suffer nothing. By this point in the game the other Drone Squadron is in range to shoot the Horror, which dies. The Piranha fires on the Pred and neutralises a lascannon.

The Gun Drones use this phase for strategic hiding.

Dark Eldar Turn 5

I move the non-engaged Raider to the Chaos objective and the Kabalites get off to get it. The engaged Raider breaks off from the CSM.

I shoot the Stealth Suit with a Raider and Trueborn, and it lives. Then the embarked Kabalites have a go, and it dies (two die-hards in the same game?). The disembarked Kabalites use their Blaster to eliminate the last Pathfinder. Lance fire from a Raider does nothing to the Ultrarhino, but the Ravager stuns it and destroys the storm bolter.

The Incubi charge and kill all the Gun Drones, but the Rhino is still in the way.

Chaos Turn 5

The Chaos Rhino drives to the blue objective, while the transport's owners advance to the Trueborn.

In shooting, the Rhino fails to damage the Raider, the CSM kill my Cannon-armed Trueborn, and the survivor is dubbed Freaky Fish Guy for carrying a harpoon. Despite being on its last legs, the Predator destroys the Raider closest to it, and my warriors bail out unpinned.

The Ven Dread sucks in combat.

Ultra Turn 5

Pretty much everything unloads on the Incubi- 1 dies. The depleted Tac squad tries assaulting, which goes about as well as you'd expect. (They all die.)

There is a Turn 6 (just how long is this game?) By this point it's easy to amalgamate everything into one.

The Tau move to defend their home objective, which involves the massacre of the Kabalites on it. The Commander runs 6" to get to the objective, and the Piranha blows up the weakened Predator.

The Dark Eldar have their surving Warriors go for the Tau Vital, while the Ravager kills the Shas'El. In a surprising feat of skill, Freaky Fish Guy throws his harpoon (read: fires splinter rifle) at the CSM. It promptly splinters and kills one.The Incubi asplodes the Rhino, and the Kabalites mop up the last Gun Drones in combat.

Chaos Marines kill half my Kabalites, who fall back. The Ven Dread misses twice.

The Ultras may or may not have killed an Incubus, my notes are getting hazy, caught up in the madness of the game atmosphere. The Vennie misses twice.

And Turn The Last

The Tau definitely kill an Incubus.

The Kabalites fall back more while Freaky Fish Guy runs to the blue objective. The Ravager kills a Fire Warrior. The Piranha is shaken by a Raider.

The Chaos Rhino Tank Shocks, and I do Death or Glory with a Dark Lance. It gets immobilised again. The Chaos Marines multi-charge poor Fish Guy and my Kabalites and they all die.

But this is the big thing. That Combat Squad with the rockets? It runs down and contests the Vital the Incubi had.

The Ven Dread does nothing.

Final Score:

Winner: Twin P (2)
Runner-Up: Twin K (1)
Losers: Me and 'Scape (0)

post game analysis

I did it! I finished!