4-Way 40k- Inaugural Battle Report, Part 1

Well, I turned 17 on Saturday, and so celebrated with an atypical 40k game. There's a lot to get through, so this will be a 3-part episode.

We played a 1000pt 4-way scenario I designed. Above is a vague rectangle (the Arena) with 4 objectives in the corners. Players set up in table quarters, with a boundary of 6" from the long edge centre and 9" from the short edge centre, and 12" from the centre. Any unit can capture, and the objective furthest away from you is your Vital Objective and is worth 2 points to you only. Obviously, the player with most points is the winner. To the lists!

Master Bryss' Kabal of the Stolen Soul
Haemonculus with liquifier gun, accompanied by...
7 Incubi inc. Klaivex with demiklaives and Onslaught, in Raider with both Fields
3 Trueborn with 2 splinter cannons
10 Warriors with blaster and splinter cannon, in a Raider with a Flickerfield
10 Warriors with blaster and dark lance, in a Raider with a Flickerfield
5 Reavers (rolled the useless Hypex)
Ravager with both Fields (three lances, obviously)

Cyberscape7's Ultramarines
Terminator Librarian with Machine Curse and Force Dome
Venerable Dreadnought with plasma cannon, heavy flamer on DCCW, extra armour
5 Sniper Scouts with missile launcher and camo cloaks
5 Sniper Scouts with camo cloaks
10 Tactical Marines with meltagun and power fist, in a Rhino
10 Tactical Marines with meltagun and missile launcher, in a Razorback with twin lascannon

Twin K's Chaos Marines
Winged Tzeentch Prince with Warptime
10 Chaos Marines with 2 plasma guns and Glory Icon, in a Rhino with extra bolter
10 Chaos Marines with 2 meltaguns and Glory Icon, in a Rhino
Auto-las Predator
2x 7 Lesser Daemons
5 Lesser Daemons

Twin P's Tau
Shas'El Commander with twin fusion blaster, missile pod, hard-wired multi-tracker and 2 Shield Drones
Shas'El Commander with plasma rifle, missile pod, multi-tracker and 2 Shield Drones
3 Stealth Suits with targeting arrays, Shas'Vre with bonding knife
8 Fire Warriors with Shas'Ui with markerlight and a Marker Drone
Fire Warriors
6 Pathfinders in a Devilfish with disruption pods
2 Piranhas with fusion blasters and disruption pods
1 Piranha with fusion blaster and disruption pods
Hammerhead with railgun, smart missile system and disruptin pods

Because the twins have less 40k experience, I wrote their lists and most of the models they used are mine. It's also the last time I get to fight them before they feth off to London. To the game!

Pre-game stuff

We deploy and act in this order, P, me, K, 'Scape.

P and 'Scapes' deployment. P reserves his Twin Fusion Shas'El for Deep Strike, while 'Scape combat squads one of his Tac squads, deploying the melta gun half in the Razor and the missile launcher half in the silver ruin.

My deployment. I've reserved most of the army so I don't get shredded by weight of firepower. The Raider contains the Warriors with the dark lance. As mentioned, I get useless drugs.

K's rather symmetrical deployment. The Rogue Trader Rhino that's older than me is the one with the plasma Marines and the bigger one the melta Marines. Lesser Daemons are in waiting for summons as always.

Tau Turn 1

P advances with everything bar the Pathfinders, the lone Piranha going flat out. Before that however, the Drones on the light skimmers detach and form 2 squadrons. The Stealth Suits begin their march to the Ultras' objective. The 7-man Fire squad gets in the Devilfish.

In shooting, the twin Piranhas try their luck at the Razorback, but end up out of range. Having explained to P how markerlights work, his Pathfinders plant 4 dread beams on the rocket Scouts, which are then used by the other Fire squad to kill three of them with precision. The same squad is targeted by the Devilfish, but only one Drone is found within range which does nothing. The Hammerhead punches a hole in the Razor, which promptly explodes, killing one Marine within and pinning the squad. The Shas'El uses the pocket-sized autocannon that is the missile pod to immobilise the Rhino.

The Jetpack phase is used mainly to get the Stealth team closer to that objective, and into cover.

DE Turn 1

Short and sweet. The Reavers use their Bladevanes to slice the Shas'El's protector drones into ribbons, also knocking a wound off the suit itself.

The Raider and passengers both aim their lance weapons at the closest Chaos Rhino, but miss spectacularly in a way only lances can.

Chaos Turn 1

Most things go 12" forward, the twin bolter Rhino popping smoke, while the Predator pivots precisely.

The Predator trains its guns on the Venerable Dreadnought, but do nought but shake it, due to a combination of extra armour and good re-rolls.

The Daemon Prince tries to initiate the first combat of the game, but doesn't quite make it to charge range.

Ultramarines Turn 1

The Ven Dread propels itself towards the Chaos Rhino close to it. The sniper Scouts and Librarian move to a better firing position.

In shooting news, the Libby tries Machine Curse on the Piranha squadron, and stuns one of them, presumably by shouting profusely in binary. The rocket Scout tries to hammer the 'Head...and misses. The Tac Squad in the Rhino try to harm the Reavers, who take no damage due to good evasion. The rocket armed Combat squad fires at the Shas'El, who takes a wound from...bolters. The rocket sort of missed.

The Vennie assaults the Rhino it was walking towards, and somehow hits and explodes it, killing 4 Marines Most Evil. It then consolidates 4" away from them.

End of Turn 1 Score: Everyone has something non-vital bar me, who has nada.

Part 2

Post Game

Feth, that took ages. Expect Part 2 in 1-4 days, which will cover up to and including Turn 4 of this 4000-point epic.