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My Finecast Review

What will your first Finecast model be? Well, because I'm casual like that, I decided to complete my Harlequin Power Trio and buy a Death Jester. It's a cool model. Badass longcoat, BFG, skull mask, like a Maugan Ra groupie really. So, here's the verdict.

Packaging was easy enough to clip open, and the model came out of the sprue like a plastic. There was a massive blob on the back...which I found out was part of the sculpt after some Googling, so that's fine(cast). So, does my new Jester eliminate my bugbears of metal? Well:

Does it fit into the bloody base?: Maybe this is just me, but I have to file off the lettering on the tab to get metals in. The Jester was far easier to file, and isn't likely to come out.

Does it glue with no prayer required?: The Jester is two-piece, and there were no issues. I'll get back to this when I get a Kustom Field Mek at some point (things Bryss has wished for in this blog count: several).

Does it break?: I dropped it twice at heigh…

Time Warp- 1250 Coteaz v. Dark Eldar

Cast your mind back to the hazy days of April, when the GK weren't out long and I still hadn't twigged I could still use Witch Hunter ISTs. In those hazy days I had my second game with my ragtag Coteaz force against 'Scape, who felt compelled to try out my Dark Eldar force. It was a Sieze Ground, 3 objectives and....1250 points?! Remember, I hate the 'I want five of everything!' attitude and believe smaller games to be more tactical. I had to use:

Master Bryss' Exercitus Ordo Proxius
Inquisitor Countsyas (using the old Master Bryss model for him)
Techmarine with conversion beamer (hastily blu-tacked that very day)
Callidus Assassin
Vindicare Assassin
5 Warriors with grenade launcher counts as or real storm bolters, 2 Plascannon Servitors (with Countsyas and the techie)
10 Warriors with 7 HS lasguns and 3 plasma guns in a Chimera
4 Crusaders in a Lasplasback
4 Death Cultists and 2 Banishers (4 Hormagaunts and 2 CSMs)
Redeemer with multi-melta

Not to be outdone in the '…

Should 40k be more like Magic: The Gathering?

A difficult question but one that could lead to interesting solutions to the fluff v. competition dilemma. In its current iteration 40k's natural habit is to divorce, sometimes dramatically, what is "fluffy" or "cannon" with what the player perceives as effective on the tabletop. Essentially playing according to any given "historically accurate" constraints is a handicap as it places even greater restrictions than those that exist within the existing rules.

In RP games following the rules to the detriment of fun or story is strongly frowned upon - it goes against the very spirit of what the player group is trying to accomplish. Of course pen-and-paper role players are seldom competing with one another which is where the tabletop diverges significantly from the escapist goals of the GM's and their groups. In 40k the object is to dominate the enemy force albeit we are sometimes inclined to do so as we believe our faction would have done (i.e. an Ork …

Hints For Homebrew: Troops

So you want to make a new army, eh? Good for you, I encourage it. But chances are you too will fall before the Uniqueness Dilemna, especially if you're doing a C3. It's all well and good to have new Chapter Tactics (I will drill into your heads that C3 is a Custom Chapter Codex), but if it's not unique enough it's not worth it, and you'd be better off doing a character.

I fell into that trap with the Angels of Secrecy. The scary thing is, I knew it. I jokingly referred to them as Power Armoured Dire Avengers. Because that's what they were. In the same way, Mindless were Thousand Sons that exhanged magic for actual options.

Nailing the Troop is a key part to creating a unique army. Here, have some tips(mainly for non-Marines bearing in mind what I just said):

1) Inversions are your friend: This is possibly the easiest way to add uniqueness. Like I said in the last article, the Troop has three components, rules, stats, weapon. Reversing the order in which things are…

General Housekeeping

Alright, erected an imagey banner, instead of the text one. Added links to connect all parts of the bat-rep and sorted out some of the iffy format.

Progress on the actual modelling of the Exercitus is coming along nicely. Expect WIP shots of Countsyas and my Brettonian Crusaders shortly. I'm going to try writing a shortish fiction piece to flesh out the army a little more. All I know of it right now though is the title, "The Taming of the Snake."

In other news, with my newly found ability to use Green Stuff, I shall be converting up a Genestealer/Ravener hybrid to serve as Deathleaper.

And the new Venom is wow. Mainly becase it's bloody cheap monies for such a good vehicle. I'm getting 2. When I'm, y'know, in pocket again. Between that and wanting to actually model the Soul Prison using the new Talos and a Wraithlord...

4-Way 40k: Post Game Analysis

In hindsight, the Predator did quite well.
Part 1
Part 2
So that's how you do 4-way. Cram 4 people into a medium sized room, get just the right amount of points each side and it should all go rather well. The picture above shows who we all nominated for our respective models of the match. Twin K failed to nominate and hence gets a piece of paper.
Stealth Shas'Vre: Somehow managed to out-cover abuse the rocket Scout. It didn't help that I always use the Planetstrike rules for Aegis lines and he got a 2+ but I also fired far more shots at it than P did at that Scout.
Freaky Fish Guy: I know the Incubi did well but you expect that from them. The reason I nominated this drow is simple. With their splinter cannons, the other two Trueborn dropped 2 suits, but then did nothing all game. The only time I used the gun on FFG, he killed something. This gives him an 100% success rate. He's gettting his name on his base when I paint it.
The Ven Dread: Yes, I told 'Scape the rocket Sc…

Unique Troops: How Hard Can It Be?

Game Design Perspective.

Short answer: Apparently rather hard without taking them from another slot.

Long answer: So the Necron rumours are suggesting a downgrade in armour from 3+ to 4+. Good. This represents an actual effort to make Warriors distinct from Marines in ways other than having a slightly different Feel No Pain.

As it stands, Troops, along with vehicles, are the simplest things to design in 40k. Your basic trooper consists of a statline (divided into MEQ, GEQ and suchlike), a gun (sometimes replaced by or also including a melee weapon) and some basic special rules (that everything else in the army has too, except they're not scoring). So for example, a Marine has MEQ stats, a basic rapid-fire gun effective against things equal to or weaker than it, and the ability to regroup automatically (plus extras like grenades, combat tactics...).

Problems start arising however if this simplicity is taken too far. When different units from different armies begin to become separated b…

4-Way 40k: Inaugural Battle Report, Part 2

Previously on Bryssling, I wonder whether I should have been so ambitious, some things explode and, out of shot, I wear a dressing gown. But that's enough of Top Gear. Onto the battle!

Part 1

Tau Turn 2

The other Shas'El gracefully descends behind the Chaos Rhino headed my way (the one I rolled snake eyes on last turn). The lone Piranha runs away at Ludicrous Speed. The other Tau commander likewise runs back while the Devilfish inches forwards.

The Pathfinders aim their evil laser net at the Reavers, which is promptly utilised by the Fire Warriors to massacre the entire squad, even though they only used half the tokens. The Hammerhead stuns the Raider, while the Devilfish kills off the last sniper in the rocket Scout squad. Other effective shooting this phase includes the Stealth team knocking 2 wounds off the Prince and the fusion 'El immobilises and stuns the Chaos Rhino closest to it.

Jump-shoot-jump tactics occur on all marks of suit.

Dark Eldar Turn 2

The Ravager comes in at…

4-Way 40k- Inaugural Battle Report, Part 1

Well, I turned 17 on Saturday, and so celebrated with an atypical 40k game. There's a lot to get through, so this will be a 3-part episode.

We played a 1000pt 4-way scenario I designed. Above is a vague rectangle (the Arena) with 4 objectives in the corners. Players set up in table quarters, with a boundary of 6" from the long edge centre and 9" from the short edge centre, and 12" from the centre. Any unit can capture, and the objective furthest away from you is your Vital Objective and is worth 2 points to you only. Obviously, the player with most points is the winner. To the lists!

Master Bryss' Kabal of the Stolen Soul
Haemonculus with liquifier gun, accompanied by...
7 Incubi inc. Klaivex with demiklaives and Onslaught, in Raider with both Fields
3 Trueborn with 2 splinter cannons
10 Warriors with blaster and splinter cannon, in a Raider with a Flickerfield
10 Warriors with blaster and dark lance, in a Raider with a Flickerfield
5 Reavers (rolled the useless Hypex)