Planning a New Army- Exercitus Ordi Heretici (Part 1)

Can you tell I study Latin yet? Because High Gothic isn't real Latin, the dative of Ordo is dubious, but ah well...

So, to my plans for the new Grey Knight Codex. When I initially set out on my 40k journey, Marines were my third army, and right then I vowed never to collect spin-off chapters. I have since amended this vow so I can use my existing army under the BA dex, but the principle still stands. I don't want a Grey Knight army. I want an Inquisition army, maybe with some Grey Knight support to fill slots.

I've had the old Witch Hunter codex for some time, but didn't collect too many models for it, mainly using it to put a Callidus in my Guard army. However, the new style Inquisition is too good to pass up, as it essentially puts a whole Stellanesque army in one slot. And so, I borrowed the Codex from a friend (we'll call him Cyberscape7 after his online prescence) and had a practice with a ragtag bunch of all my Inquistion stuff versus 1000 of his Ultras, plus a GK Dread to fill in points.

Details are hazy, but I eked out a win. List was as follows:

Callidus Assassin
Vindicare Assassin
4 Crusaders and a Servitor in a Plaslasback (Countsyas went here)
12 Warriors with 3 plasma guns in a Chimera
3 Warriors with a melta gun in a Rhino
3 Battle Sisters (Warriors with carapace (maybe power)armour and bolters) in a Rhino
GK Dreadnough with missile launcher and multi-melta

If anything, that should epitomise my attitude to list building. I don't learn to use armies through theoretical musing and powerlisthammering, I learn by fighting. I don't see much fundamentally wrong with the list, although a Banisher would work better as a hidden fist than a Servitor in situations with no Coteaz in squad.

Scape's list went as follows:

Teminator Librarian with Null Zone and Machine Curse
Venerable Dreadnought with assault cannon (he used the match to try this)
Tactical Squad with flamer, missile launcher and a Twinlasback (combat squads)
Tactical Squad with melta gun, Fist Sarge and a Rhino
5 Scouts with sniper rifles
5 Scouts with sniper rifles, missile launcher

Game was three objectives, Spearhead deployment. This isn't a 'proper' battle report (there will be one in May though) so here's the basic turn summary.

Pre-game: I choose to go second and reserve the mini squads in Rhinos and the Callidus. 'Scape reserves nothing.

Turn 1: I lose the Vindicare to the Dread and Scouts. His rocket Scouts and rocket combat squad settle in a terrain piece. Other stuff moves forward. I lose the Crusader's transport. I inflict minimal damage on his forces but blow up the Razor.

Turn 2: I take minimal damage (one Curse). I immobilise his Rhino and hurt his other forces somewhat, as he loses the flamer combat squad. The melta squad comes in but is too far away to do much. Coteaz rolls 6 shots with his Doombird....and misses with all of them.

Turn 3: The two Dreads get locked in combat and his Librarian teleports closer to me. I lose a Crusader. In return the big Warrior squad takes the Libby down to one wound and Coteaz's eagle repents for its abysmal aim and pecks his eyes out, killing him. The Callidus comes in and halves the size of both a Scout squad and the combat squad with her ranged weapons and morphdrugs. My melta warriors drive to the central objective. My Dread dies in my turn.

Turn 4: The Crusaders are assaulted but hold firm, with one loss. The Cally refuses to die. His Rhino starts working again. Coteaz and the Chimera with warriors rush to the centre objective while the Callidus makes up for the Vindicare's sorry performance by killing off the Tac squad.

Turn 5+6: These sort of merge into one big blur. Basically, I lost all my Crusaders after a constant battering, but the Sisters came in and managed to get the far right objective on Turn 6. I have a scuffle in the middle with his big Tac squad, with Coteaz, the mini Warrior squad and the big one all pitching in, at last sealing me the objective.

Lessons learned: The Callidus. "It's been nerfed!" people cry. Not really, it's just not the Cally you knew and loved. "No poisoned attacks at the end of combat!" What did anyone ever kill with those? "It doesn't ignore Invulnerable!" Nope, but it does kill Nobz, Suits, Nid warriors... besides, isn't that the Vindi's job? "It lost Word in Your Ear!" I do actually miss that, but it's not the end of the world. "It doesn't auto-glance!" Why are you hunting tanks, when you could be neurally shredding that heavy weapons team you can't move anymore? The Callidus can still be used effectively versus most non-Marines army (works well on combat squads, but not full squads). Yes, you have to wait a turn to charge, but this is 'meh, 4+' Edition and you have Stealth. If your opponent invests that heavily in killing one woman then the rest of your army lives.

Crusaders rock. End of argument. These guys easily beat TH/SS for points efficiency.

The Vindicare died, so I've no clue how good it was. Keep it alive though, and that Defenit-Kill Rifle should prove its worth a hundred times over.

Coteaz needs a range unit to better fulfil his potential. Otherwise, he's just a key. The eagle's not bad though....

Next time, I outline my plans to expand my Hereticus based army.