in Bryssem I

Well, I've hit a button I meant to hit for some time, and this came out the other end. I don't know how half the buttons work, but I'll get by.

So, I'm Bryss. My laptop is convinced my name is Ed, despite me constantly telling it otherwise. When I'm not trying to pacify the Machine Spirit, I write for Rules Manufactorum, try to prepare for Higher exams I want 5 As in and play not as much 40k as I would like.

Why have I obtained a blog for myself? Simple, I have no pet project. I had a pet project in the form of a C3 (Custom Chapter Codex), but I can't see myself taking it any further, and I'm apparently capable of much better things than it. So, this is Bryssling, which is exactly like it sounds, a pet. It's not going to interfere with my other writings. Articles I post here will likely have nothing to do with custom rules and more to do with the other things I do within life and 40k. This will likely include my armies, my thoughts on certain units, my battles, acidic dream sequences, the works. The main inspiration for the site is probably The Jungle, a place for some pretty good ideas.

I'll put up a manifesto later, but for now I'll say this. I am not a professional painter, nor a competitive gamer. I am not a GW fanboy, nor a fluffy bunny. I probably lean further towards the 'collecting' aspect of the game, taking units I like and then striving to do the best I can with them on the battlefield.

I play for fun, for laughs, and to try out whatever I want.