Home Is Where the Hobby Is

An introduction to my beloved new games room. General house expansion left this room spare, so I nabbed it to replace the freezing portacabin as my hobby space.

Exhibit A: the table. Painted as the frontier of a Martian desert of some kind. I need to finish painting scenery and get a little bit more of it, but otherwise it's the second-best use of cupboard doors I know of. This is the warmest room in the house, so I'm never freezing my fingers off when I paint. Out of shot is the swivel chair I paint on and use to move around.

Aesthetically pleasing display shelf. I've started basing models to blend in with the sandpaper I line it with. Usually the display contains stuff I'd use in a quick battle to save hassle. Currently Daemons, Nids, Orks and my first army, Necrons. My other armies are kept in boxes under the table or in one of the two cases.

This is the WIP Window, where I keep...works in progress, obviously. In plain sight to encourage me to actually finish them once my wrist heals. Currently in the WIP stages are: Duke Sliscus, Lady Malys, 9 Trueborn, 1 Kabalite/objective, Captain Al'rahem that's really a LotR guy I got for free, Crusader Aragorn, 2 Storm Bolter Warriors, 2 Plascannon Servitors, GK Techmarine with servo-assisted particle beam cannon (C-Beamer), a Vindicare Assassin aand a Shadowseer.

Coming soon: two battle reports! In reverse chronological order!